How to Migrate Your Freshdesk to Freshservice with Ease

Many business owners opt to use Freshservice in favour of Freshdesk because it has the ability to manage not only your customers but employees. It is an excellent tool for controlling your assets but chances are, you need to move your old data to the new platform to continue working as usual. Freshworks has foreseen this need and prepared two methods of how you can achieve this. Let’s take a look at both of them and see which one is the better option, as well as what are your alternatives. Let’s get started!

Differences Between Platforms

Before we jump into the process, let’s take a moment and see how each platform differs from one another. This will prove to be useful for those of you who are only thinking about migration. We’ll start with Freshservice as it is the most common destination of the two. The key difference between Freshservice and Freshdesk is that one is created to help your people, and the other is focused more on customers. Keep in mind, that this is far from the full list. There are many things we didn’t mention about each tool. But hopefully, you got the idea when to use Freshdesk and Freshservice. Let’s take a look at each more closely.


Those companies that are using Freshservice are typically focused on automating as much as possible. With Freshservice you can manage all your equipment, subscriptions, and, employees. By using Freshservice, business owners can identify what kind of bottlenecks they have, what makes certain tasks hard to solve, and what is your general KPI looks like.

Another important aspect of Freshservice is that most features are tailored in a way to let you automate, eliminate, or transform mundane work. Essentially, with it, you can free up some hands and let your employees focus on things machines can’t handle.


Freshdesk, on the other hand, is a different kind of managing tool. While it might share a few things with Freshservice, fundamentally it aims to achieve a different goal, which is better customer service. With Freshdesk, companies are able to help consumers get better information, better solutions, and ultimately, better service. Freshdesk allows you to set up a knowledge base, a customer portal, a self-service portal among other things.

All these elements and functions are designed to help your agents solve customers' problems or answer their questions.

Ways To Migrate from Freshdesk to Freshservice

Now that you understand the key differences, let’s take a look at the migration methods. As we already mentioned, the company provides a couple of ways you can move your stuff. And that is quite literary, a couple.

Coding a Script

So, the first method involves writing a piece of code. Freshworks has its API available for anyone who wants to use it to hook up other apps and services. Now we know that it not really optimal for everyone but at least you have options. If you have a tech department then you could try and get them to write the migration script. In case you don't have in-house IT resources, you can always hire someone to do it for you. If that's not an option for you, we suggest that you use the next solution. Trying to DIY the migration will take a lot of your time, resources and learning as you go.

Asking Freshworks for Help

You can reach out to Freshworks and ask how you can painlessly move your data between their products. Chances are, they're going to recommend implementing a data migration partner. For instance, Help Desk Migration.

Help Desk Migration is a Freshworks Authorized Solution Partner since 2017

We have an automated data migration tool that will help you transition Tickets with all related data, and your Knowledge Base articles.  You won’t be stuck waiting for someone to do it for you, nor will you have to guess the outcome of the switch. Just pick your help desk platforms, provide the necessary credentials, choose what data to migrate and call it a day.

Freshdesk to Freshservice Migration Checklist

There isn't much you have to do before you initiate a data migration with us.

  • You need to create agent profiles in Freshservice before you start the migration. Make sure that their emails are the same as in Freshdesk.
  • Disable the Priority Matrix in Freshservice to have the same ticket statuses as in Freshdesk. Read more.
  • Disable Workflow Automator, Dispatch'r, Supervisor, Observer and Scenario Automations. That way, your customers won't receive notifications during the migration. It is also less likely that any changes to the data will happen due to active automation.
  • Reach out to Freshservice team and ask to increase your API limits. This will speed up the migration process.

Migration Simplified

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to move your information from one platform to another, then you’ve come to the right place. We have performed thousands of thousands of migrations and we know each platform inside out. In case you need assistance moving from tool to another, be sure to leave us a message. Our expert will get in touch with you ASAP.

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