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Top Help Desk Software Solutions for IT Companies in 2022

IT companies provide a different kind of ‘products’ for their customers. And most of the time, end users will have problems with IT related products, so they will look for help almost as soon as they make a purchase. If you’re an owner of an IT company, choosing the best help desk software for IT companies can improve the satisfaction of your clients.

Customer satisfaction is very important to any growing business. You can be good with producing goods, however, dealing with customers plays a major role for a successful company. As your business grows, customer demand and inquiries will grow, too. So, before you get swamped with customer feedbacks and requests, get the best help desk software. Some business owners are hesitant to get such services for fear that help desks will only be added expenses. Although, many studies have shown that catering to customers such as answering questions, solving problems or providing technical support can help increase customer satisfaction, sales and ultimately profits.
If you’re now interested in getting a help desk software, read on.

A simple search in Google will give you thousands of help desk services. So, we’ve compiled the 10 best help desk software for IT companies to save you the trouble. These are the 10 best help desk services for information technology companies. Even if your business isn’t IT related, don’t worry. These help desk companies have customer service software that will work for any type of company. After all, customer support these days have encompassed the traditional channels of phone calls, letters, and office visits. So now, it's just about time we look at each company and see how they fare with service software, helpdesk ticketing system, and more.


Zendesk is a company that will give you the simplest but effective solutions to your customer service problems. They have numerous products loaded onto one platform for easy access. Also, Zendesk prides themselves in listening to their customers and provides comprehensive training to you and your agents so you can take full advantage of their services from ticket tracking software to knowledge base articles.

Help Desk highlight: Multi-channel integration on one help desk platform.
Free trial: Available – 30 days; you can obtain trials for every product they have.
Pricing: With free services and pay-as-you-use subscriptions starting at $9 per agent per month.
Benefit for IT companies: ITIL-ready IT HelpDesk edition.

Jira Service Management

Developed by Atlassian, Jira Service Management will make you feel like you’re paying for one company but getting the services of two. This help desk service software is packed with features ideal of ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) companies. Jira Service Management provides these two types of services:

  • Cloud-based software that is ideal for businesses which require necessary hardware.
  • Server option for data centers that can hosts up to hundreds of agents.

Help Desk highlight: Offers two types of services with simple and easy to understand subscription packages.
Free trial: Available – 7 day trial for Cloud-based, 30 days for Server option.
Pricing: Cloud-based services start at $10 per agent per month. The server starts at $10 one time payment for 3 agents that can cater up to 250 agents. Data centers can cost as much as $12,000 per year but can handle 15,000 agents.
Benefit for IT companies: ITIL-certified service desk.

Salesforce Service Cloud

This help desk company focuses on customer service and tries to create a support platform designed for efficient ticket resolutions. As implied with the name of the company, they provide cloud-based help desk software solutions. With Salesforce Service Cloud client interaction can be done through the internet and you can even have your agents do cold calls via the computer-telephony integration (CTI).

Help Desk highlight: Cloud-based services that integrate phone calls (through CTI), social media channels and mobile phones.
Free trial: Available.
Pricing: Starts at $25 per agent per month for Salesforce Essentials and $300 per agent per month for unlimited use of all features.
Benefit for IT companies: IT service management software and remote support software.


Do you have a small IT business? ServiceNow will solve your problems with their powerful cloud-based IT management software. Essentially, ServiceNow caters to larger IT corporations but they’ve provided service for companies with 1,000 employees and below.

Help Desk highlight: Offers scaled down IT help desk software for smaller IT businesses.
Free trial: No free trials available.
Pricing: Contact ServiceNow for a quotation for the size and needs of your company.
Benefit for IT companies: IT service management system.

Best service desks for IT companies in 2022


Named as one of the best help desk software for IT companies in 2021, Freshservice is a popular cloud-based help desk system that can cater to IT companies of all sizes.

Help Desk highlight: Cloud-based software is easy to install, doesn’t require extensive hardware and can be accessed in any device.
Free trial: Available for all services.
Pricing: Has a free subscription package called Sprout. Paid subscription starts at $29 per agent per month up to $79 per agent per month for Estate.
Benefit for IT companies: Plug and play ITIL.


Spiceworks was created by IT experts to cater to IT personnel. Touted as an open-source help desk software, Spiceworks offers two free cloud-based help desk services: a self-hosted help desk and a cloud-based help desk. A network of IT experts and IT personnel will provide round-the-clock help while you manage your own agents using Spiceworks software. The caveat though, it’s a free yet not a dedicated software and service. So, unlike in a paid help desk company, the replies will be sporadic and sometimes not relevant to your queries.

Help Desk highlight: Free help desk software and other apps for IT companies.
Free trial: n/a.
Pricing: Free.
Benefit for IT companies: Free online support from IT experts plus free IT help desk system and apps.

Help Scout

A powerful help desk app that is an email-based ticketing system. Great for one-man companies, small businesses, and middle-sized companies. Help Scout can integrate more apps giving you and your team a flexible help desk ticketing system.

Help Desk highlight: A great unified mailbox for your agents as well as hundreds of app integrations.
Free trial: Available – 15 days for all subscription plans.
Pricing: Starts at $12 per agent per month up to $35 per agent per month.
Benefit for IT companies: No specific features for IT companies but with the app integrations, Help Scout can be a power IT service management software.

BEst help desk solutions for IT companies 2022

Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk provides an all-in-one platform for businesses of any size. In addition, it’s one of the pioneering help desk systems created in 2007 by JPK Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Its main advantage is multiple-channel support that integrates chat, calls, emails, social media and even web forms. Using Vision Helpdesk, you can motivate your agents with the gamification features which instill a healthy competitive environment. Lastly, it provides on-premise help desk software solutions or a SaaS whichever is right for your business and budget.

Help Desk highlight: Gamification, multi-channel and multi-brand help desk.
Free trial: Available.
Pricing: Depends on the type of service. SaaS starts at $15 per agent per month. The recurring license starts at $10 per agent per month. The one-time license starts at $200 per agent.
Benefit for IT companies: ITIL/ITSM ready.


SysAid is a help desk software full of features that can be customized according to the needs of your business. It also has asset management tools which can be both time-saving and useful for your budget. SysAid will give your agents the power to manage tickets across multiple devices such as iOS and Android devices.

Help Desk highlight: A help desk software with asset management tools.
Free trial: Available.
Pricing: Contact SysAid for quotations.
Benefit for IT companies: All-in-on IT management in a single ITIL-aligned solution. Also provides remote asset management remote desktop support.

Oracle Service Cloud

Meant for enterprise-grade or simply very large companies, Oracle Service cloud provides contact/call center applications and they’re integrated with help desk systems in one platform. It’s one of the best service desk software especially for those that are aiming to increase the productivity of their agents or the creation of a fully functioning call center.

Help Desk highlight: Cross-channel web customer service and contact service support. Also includes virtual assistants, live chatbots and self-service options for clients.
Free trial: Available.
Pricing: Starts at $90 per agent to $250 per agent.
Benefit for IT companies: NIST (National Institute of standards and technology) compliant.

Final Thoughts

It's very likely that a perfect help desk system for your IT Business can be found among the options above. That's because we searched for the best solutions in the industry and very thoroughly analyzed each one.
Anyways, the final choice is yours. And in order to make it right, we recommend taking into consideration all your business needs as well as testing the possible variants beforehand. We hope this article was helpful, see you in the next one!

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