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7 Handy Apps to Power Up Your Jira Service Management

It is customers who are the heart of any business. Because without them, no company can survive for long. In order to better satisfy its customers, Jira Service Management does its best to ensure that every business among its clients has everything necessary to deliver an outstanding experience to its customers.

So, if you are using Jira Service Management, visit Atlassian Marketplace for applications developed to enhance your help desk customization, streamline resolving customer queries, as well as improve the resolution speed.

Making support multichannel

The existing users already know, and the soon-to-be users must have discovered that Jira Service Management features built-in multichannel support. This means customer requests are collected via the help desk software itself, a customer portal, or email.

Yet there are more channels customers use to get in touch with you, like various social media, or even requests from inside the product. Collecting info from all the channels is a challenge for support teams as they should stay on top of all customer requests. In the Atlassian Marketplace, you will find a couple of apps to facilitate the management of multiple channels for your support agents.

Requirements of social media as a channel

J.D. Power customer care performance study (in which 23000 involved online customers have participated) shows that 70% of clients used organizations’ social media profiles to get support. Nevertheless, despite its popularity and ease to reach, this channel has certain challenges:

  • high expectations for fast/immediate response
  • most interactions are public and visible to nearly everyone on the Internet
  • urgent issues and inquiries may fall unseen by the right support agent at the right time
  • the requests, report bugs, or feedback aren’t categorized (i.e., by priority, assignee, type of request, etc.)

It all may boil down to an important issue being missed or failing to get the expected resolution fast enough. In addition, it may take a while before the request gets to the right person or team, increasing the risk of delays.

#1 Call Center for Jira help desk helps you manage requests and create tickets received from customer phone calls. Besides, other agents can join the phone call if needed.

#2 8×8 ContactNow comes as another option at the Atlassian marketplace for making and receiving calls. It also allows one to perform a search for customer tickets, track interactions with customers, and make calls right from a customer’s ticket.

Collect customer feedback & measure NPS

With Jira Service Management, you can get a customer satisfaction rating and gather feedback after the ticket has been resolved. Nevertheless, there are many other ways of checking and improving the level of satisfaction with the customer experience you provide. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the means of measuring customer attitude towards a business. You can apply it to better understand how your customers feel about the products or services you offer and the quality of your support service.

#3 NPS for Jira will help you collect customer feedback and discover how loyal your customers are to your product or brand. This data can be used by the support and management teams to reduce ticket volume and figure out how to improve product and service quality.

An added value of creating customer communities

Clients appreciate customer forums for the opportunity to share their experience or find a solution to a problem offered by peers. #4 Customer case app allows you to create a forum where customers can comment on and upvote issues. Using it, you can kill two birds with one stone - encourage customers to contribute and keep the team updated on the most frequent problems.

Getting the context with CRM integration

When working on critical customer requests, support agents often lack information to see the best way to solve the problem. So here is where the service team aims to get tickets attached to external customer databases (typically, company CRMs).

#5 CRM for Jira Cloud will help you to connect Jira Service Management Cloud and Jira Software Cloud to your CRM. That way, you can acquire a complete view of all customer interactions, tickets, and feedback under one roof. Visit the Atlassian marketplace to find out what CRM integrations are supported and learn about other integration possibilities.

Jira Service Management enables its clients to group their customers by organization. With the #6 Atlas CRM app, your team can enrich companies’ profiles with billing addresses and contact information directly from Jira Service Management.

Let’s say your organization has no CRM but an internal customer database. #7 Database Adapter will help to connect it to Jira. So, the support agents can access important data about a specific customer (i.e., how long they have been with your company, what product or service they use, the plan they are subscribed to, etc.) and deliver a more refined customer experience.

Instead of a conclusion

Your business needs may vary, and you require some other apps to boost their performance. However, check out the Atlassian Marketplace to find suitable customer service applications that will benefit your business.

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