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Top 10 Service Desk Software Solutions for Your IT Company Ranked

The internet is full of different tools and platforms to manage your business activities. It can be hard to decide which one is the best. Hence why we outlined some of the most prominent platforms based on the popularity, functionality, and ease of use. Thus, without further ado, here are some of the greatest service desk software solutions.


Rated as the #1 help desk solution for small and medium-sized businesses, LiveAgent is the ideal desk and live chat software for customer service teams across all industries. LiveAgent is a top performer because it supports omnichannel communication and offers advanced automation and reporting features. In total LiveAgent offers 180 advanced help desk features (such as a built-in call center) and over 40 third party integrations with apps like Magento and Shopify. If you'd like to give LiveAgent a try, take advantage of their free 14-day trial. The trial is equipped with all the features that LiveAgent has to offer.


Known as the most versatile tool, the Zendesk platform is a nice desk solution that allows users to manage all kinds of things. The reason why Zendesk is good is the fact that it allows for multichannel communication and has a pretty decent ticketing system. Another key benefit of the given platform is that it allows it’s users to try the software for free. Unlike other systems, Zendesk provides a free trial with full functionality. Nothing stripped down, nothing cut, all there. Another key advantage of this system is that you can integrate it will a wide range of third-party apps. This feature alone makes them one of the best help desk software systems around.

Jira Service Desk

The king of the ticketing system, Jira has made a name for itself among developers, managers, and support roles. The main advantage of the platform is that it has a very intuitive design that can help newcomers, as well as annual plan discounts. If you run a small business and have no idea what a service desk, this might be your best option. It’s simple and can be fully customized. Yet as with all good things, something bad needs to pop-up and in this case, it’s lack of a free tier.

Salesforce Service Cloud

If there’s one desk solution that is perfect for huge companies, that is Salesforce. Not only it’s tailored with massive corporations in mind but it offers some of the greatest automation tools. Another key advantage of this platform it's the ability to increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to help themselves. It’s a great tool that has all the bells and whistles you might expect from a desk solution. Last but not least, the platform can actually “listen” to customers which allows it to re-route the client to the specific agent. This can save a lot of time and will result in better customer experience.


Relatively popular on the market, ServiceNow is a ticketing system that was created for small businesses. It has a ton of different metrics and offers real-time performance tracking software. But aside from usual functionality, this platform offers extra security layers and risk assessment systems. It’s a good fit for experienced employees but those new to the service software will find it hard to learn it as the UI is pretty advanced compared to other desk software solutions. Finally, the platform has a really good security module that allows you to predict all kinds of issues. This is a neat feature for those who work with extremely sensitive information.


The award-winning lead management tool, Freshservice is known to be the tool to use when it comes to customer satisfaction. It has a full suite of IT support tools and offers great flexibility when it comes to the ticketing system. The only drawback holding it from being the best service desk software is the lack of options for bigger corporations. The tools are just not as robust on a larger scale. Other than that, they offer a decent selection of plans and the knowledge base they provide is pretty extensive.


Perhaps the king of customizability, Spiceworks lets you track all kinds of things. If you’ve been looking for tracking software that allows you to follow assets, this is the right tool to do so. Another benefit Spiceworks brings to the table is the fact that you have full control of the dashboard. Want to add the pie chart? Presto! With just a few clicks you add whatever you like to the main UI. The drawback of this service software is the fact that it’s free. Yes, with it being free, not a lot of premium features are present. It’s still a good choice for newcomers and those that don’t really need advanced functionality. Also, as an added bonus, the platform has an IT community center where many experts gather to solve different problems. Not many service desk software solutions provide this functionality.

Help Scout

A good help desk software for IT companies is not defined by its features but what it can bring to the customers. Help Scout is a customer service software that is less of a service desk but more of a tool to increase customer satisfaction. Unlike other options we’ve listed, this one was made specifically for internal collaboration. Meaning that it will be a perfect fit for e-commerce, traditional retail, etc. It’s not the best service desk software in the world but you might want to give this it a try. After all, it has a free trial and in case you don’t like it, you can always cancel the subscription. Although keep in mind that some functionality is locked behind different service plans. That’s a minor inconvenience as key features are unaffected by this.

Vision Helpdesk

Created by a group of talented developers from India, this service desk tool is a testament of good UI design, robust functionality, and high reliability. The product is very universal in nature and can fit practically in any organization. It also has a really good incident tracking tool and a pretty extensive knowledge base. There’s not much to say about this tool, except that it’s one of the best help desk software for its companies regardless of your size, employee count, or business activity. The only downside to this tool is that some features are a little rough around the edges.


With a relatively simple name, this seemingly simple service desk offers a plethora of tools. And it’s not just the amount of tools, they are refined beyond imagination. After all, the service desk is being used by such giants such as Coca Cola, Ikea, and even Adobe. It’s both a powerful customer service software tool and a forecasting system. Aside from traditional functionality such as ticket management, progress tracking, and agent assessment, it has a unique feature called Industry Benchmarking. With it, companies can predict a lot of things, including trends, sales, and even popularity. Indeed, no wonder many view it as the best help desk software for IT companies.

Oracle Service Cloud

Creators of the Java programming language, Oracle isn’t new to the market. Yet, their solution is viewed best service desk software. What sets them apart from the competition is that they have a unified multi-channel support system in place, as well as cross-channel customer interaction history. Putting unique features aside, the solution has a somewhat similar to a helpdesk ticketing system and a pretty good UI. The key disadvantage of this platform is that it’s still new. The company puts a lot of effort to make it more attractive, so we suggest you keep an eye on them.

Final Thoughts

As with everything in this world, you won’t know until you try. There is so many help desk software for IT companies to choose from that deciding on one can be a challenge. We hope that we’ve managed to help you out. All tools are great in their respectful right and calling some as the best service desk software wouldn’t be right. After all, each tool is made for a specific purpose. But that’s all from us. Good luck with picking the right service desk software solution for your business.

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