Can LiveAgent outmatch Freshdesk? — We Know the Answer

There are many types of help desk solutions out there and not all of them share the same feature set. Some are created to provide bespoke communication capabilities, others are made with automation in mind from the very start, and then there are those that try both. Two such systems are LiveAgent and Freshdesk.

Regular HDM readers already know that both systems are pretty good on their own but we haven’t stack them up against each other, which is why we are here today. We want to see how well these tools hold up under pressure, how well they do what they are set to do, and decide which one is the one you should go with. Thus, without any further ado, let’s see what LiveAgent and Freshdesk have to offer.

Briefly About LiveAgent

Founded in 2011, LiveAgent is a dedicated help desk system that aims to deliver a number of communication options. In other words, it is a help desk tool that is heavily focused on delivering great voice, chat, email, and social media communication. Outside of communications, the system is armed with a robust automation system that users can use to deliver a streamlined service. Currently, the tools are being used by many big-name companies, including but not limited to Slido, Nascar, Forbes, and the University of Southern California, among other things.

LiveAgent logo


Briefly About Freshdesk

Developed by Freshworks, Freshdesk is a help desk tool that was designed to accommodate the needs of companies that operate using multiple channels. Whether it is emails or live chats or social media, the system will allow you to gather all messages in one hub. Furthermore, the system is equipped with an AI system that allows users to handle common issues and simple automation needs in an efficient manner. As of the time of this writing, the system is being used by multiple high-profile companies such as Hugo Boss, Toshiba, Cisco, and Honda.

freshdesk logo


Key Features

Each system is defined by its feature set and the overall level of polish. If a tool is packed with functions but has a poorly designed user interface, the features will prove to be useless, and vice versa. In todays comparison, we will take a look at the core functions of each system as they represent the tools the best.


As we mentioned earlier, Freshdesk comes equipped with an AI system, or more specifically, an AI-powered chatbot that can perform various tasks. With it, companies can answer commonly asked questions round the clock without the need to redirect customers to the self-service portal. Moreover, the AI module is also used in the Social Signals system.

Freshdesk chatbot flow

The Chatbot Conversational flow in Freshdesk - Source

The Social Signals module was designed to scavenge the Internet for alarming tweets that are relevant to your product/service. This feature allows the company to manage their reputation online, as well as assess issues before they do damage or become uncontrollable.

Social signals in Freshdesk

Enabling Social Signals for Twitter - Source

Last but not least, there is a collaboration module. Now the system is packed with a number of sub-functions of its own but the main gist is that it allows you to manage, communicate, and evaluate work remotely. Whether you need to handle a huge number of tickets from afar or create a private communication channel, the Collab module will allow you to do this just by pressing a few buttons.

Freshdesk collaboration module

Discussions are attached to each Ticket to enable faster and easier agent collaboration - Source

If you want to learn more about Freshdesk and it’s many features, we suggest that you check out our dedicated Freshdesk review.


By many, LiveAgent is viewed as one of the best systems for live chat capabilities. And rightfully so, the tool is packed with multiple communication systems but the main focus is the live chat feature. The chat is so well developed that it only takes a single click on the icon and your customers are talking with your support department. Furthermore, the chat allows you to manually set up rules as to how your customers are invited to the chat which means you can customize and personalize the entire journey.

LiveAgent live chat

Live Chat in agent panel - Source

Another important module of the tool is the Mass Actions system. It allows company owners and agents to select a couple of tickets to perform multiple actions. From simple things such as changing the ticket subject to advance changes such as changing the SLA level, the Mass Action system will allow you to streamline your work on scale. You can configure access to this feature and even select what kind of actions your team can perform.

Setting up a mass action LiveAgent

Setting up a Mass action - Source

Finally, there’s the Rules system. This is essentially a dedicated automation system that you can use to route, delate, change priority, send an answer to any ticket type. The system is being constantly developed and as of now, it also understands various conditions, including but not limited to the subject, form, body, group, among other things. With a little bit of tinkering, agents can automate just about any ticket status and even set on a timer.

LiveAgent Time rules

The overview of Time Rules in LiveAgent - Source

Technical Details

And now for a few technical details as these are just as important as features. Here’s how the two tools look like.


Devices SupportedLanguages AvailablePricing ModelScalabilityDeployment Method
EnglishOn a monthly basis

One-time payment

Small Business

Large Enterprises

Medium Business




Devices SupportedLanguages AvailablePricing ModelScalabilityDeployment Method
On a monthly basisSmall Business

Large Enterprises

Medium Business



So as you can see, both tools compare favorably as both share a lot but it is worth noting that Freshdesk is a Cloud-only system that you can use on a limited amount of devices. But on the flip side, it also supports more languages than the competition. As for LiveAgent, it is a well-rounded system that is available on a myriad of platforms. The only limiting thing about it is that it comes only in English which can turn off some of you.

Pricing Options

And for the last part of our analysis, we, as per tradition, will take a look at the pricing of each tool. We will take the recommended plans since they are the most balanced ones and they offer just the right amount of features for the money.

Pricing Options

Freshdesk Estate $49 agent/monthLiveAgent Ticket+Chat $29 agent/month
  • Email Ticketing
  • Ticket Dispatch
  • Automations
  • Collision Detection
  • Marketplace Apps
  • Helpdesk In-depth
  • Time Tracking
  • CSAT Surveys
  • Session Replay
  • Performance Reports
  • Multilingual Knowledge Base
  • SLA Management
  • Business Hours
  • Team Collaboration
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticket Trend Report
  • Ticket Assignment Automation
  • Custom Roles
  • Portal Customization
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Multiple SLAs & Timezones
  • Social Ticketing
  • Merge tickets
  • Contact forms
  • Split tickets
  • Customer Forum
  • Custom mail templates
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticket mass actions
  • Business hours
  • Export tickets
  • Basic Reports
  • Email notifications
  • Internal tickets
  • Canned answers
  • Custom ticket fields
  • To Solve Algorithm
  • Attachments
  • SPAM filters
  • Customer Portal
  • Ticket satisfaction survey
  • Load data from your CRM
  • iPhone/Android apps
  • Departments

Note: These aren’t all the features you’ll get from each plan. For further details, we suggest that you visit the official pricing pages of each vendor.

Both systems offer a ton of features that will surely come in handy for some of you. Yet, LiveAgent is the cheaper option and does not differ that much from Freshdesk. True, Freshdesk has a few functions that are of a higher tier but generally speaking, LiveAgent is the more compelling option.


And that’s all we have for you today. Regardless of which system you end up using, they are solid options and cannot be underlooked. They have a lot in common but ultimately, it depends on your personal needs. Each tool, just like each company, is unique and requires tailoring to your needs. We suggest that you carefully study both systems and try the trial modes before you commit. And if you already picked what you need, just leave us a message if you need help moving your old data. Thanks for joining!

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