When to Decide on Zendesk to Salesforce Migration

Starting out, you may find Zendesk software to be the best choice for handling customer issues. And there are many many reasons for that. The helpdesk is fairly easy to setup. You can get the basic version up and running in just a day.

At the early stages, when you are trying to streamline your support team functioning, you don’t need a system with a host of features. So the software with intuitive UI that allows to manipulate tickets, handle claims and problems fits just well.

Zendesk is a software focused on support, while Salesforce is a platform that can integrate different tools and solve complicated tasks related to customer service, sales, and marketing. Below are the most common reasons why companies decide on Zendesk to Salesforce Migration.

More Opportunities for Customization

If you feel that your team has outgrown out-of-box functionality, then customization wouldn’t be a problem at all. Salesforce is known for its outstanding customization opportunities. It doesn’t matter whether you need to add custom fields or a public knowledgebase, you can make as much tweaking as needed.

Robust Features to Communicate with Customers

As the customer database grows, you realize that your clients become more demanding. To be number one in your niche you need to offer first-class support service. Leveraging the advantages of mobile and social media messaging you let your customers resolving their issues on the go.

Close interaction between all departments

Being a platform, Salesforce keeps all the customer data within one system. That means that all the data that have been stocked up can be reached either by sales, service or marketing departments for effective decision making.

As customers, when we address any company we hardly care whether we contact a support or sales department. We expect that a contact person would be aware of the previous relations history.

Salesforce has managed to create a 360-Degree view of the customers and prospects. This approach enables to provide personalized help with any issue.

More opportunities for Integration

A large company uses a lot of applications. And sooner or later it comes to the point that it’s much more effective to analyze all the data within one place.

Salesforce provides an extensible API that allows integrating as your own applications as well as back-office applications like ERP. An AppExchange marketplace offers a host of apps to customize Salesforce software and serve the needs of any department in any industry.

When the task of migrating Zendesk to Salesforce has been planned, choosing a reliable migrating solution that will transfer all data and let all departments do their work, as usual, is the next step. It is safer and easier to make a final choice if you can assess the quality of migration before you migrate all information so be sure to ask your migration partner for a test migration.

It must be said, that performing Zendesk to Salesforce migration in-house might be a challenging task. That’s why most companies hire a consultant or order migration services who have necessary experience and expertise.

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