A Detailed Plan for Salesforce Migration

In this day of age, it can be hard to find a reliable Salesforce migration plan. With so many iterations, so many opinions, and so many methodologies picking the right strategy can be a real challenge for business owners. Yet, if you already decided to move your stuff to a new platform, you probably don’t have time to waste on lenghty searches.

We understand this and respect your time, hence why we decided to create a short, functional Salesforce migration plan. With it, you will not only manage to migrate your stuff in a timely manner but won’t have to do much. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at how you can move your data.

Prep Work

Before we dive directly into the process, you need to do a few things for a Salesforce migration plan in advance to avoid any issues in the future, or in other words, prep work. You must first settle on a target platform and a migration schedule. Doing so will allow you to schedule work more accurately, as well as plan expenses in a more thorough fashion.

Filter Your Records
Firstly, you need to prepare your data. How you might ask and the answer is quite forward, separate the data you need and the data you don’t use. And while you are at it, make sure that your account doesn’t have empty contacts and duplicate items. This will allow you to save money, as well as it will help you cut the time it would take to move everything.Prepare the Platforms
Now we need to prepare the migrating platforms. In your new system, you need to replicate the same custom fields, the same amount of agent profiles to ensure a smooth data mapping process (more on this in a bit). You also need to turn off all notifications and automations to avoid Delta Transfers (it is when you update your new tool cause the old one updated data).Notify Staff & Customers
Finally, you need to notify all involved staff about the upcoming changes. We suggest that you settle on the “blackout” date and announce it as soon as possible so that your agent staff can start closing tickets as soon as they can. Also, make sure that you have a similar notification on your website for your customers.

Migration Work

And for the meat and bones of the migration project, the migration itself. Your best and fastest course of action would be to go to our migration wizard system and select the source and the target platforms. After that, our tool will ask you for credentials for both instances. Now there is no need to be alarmed, your data and privacy will stay in complete safety.

Setup Salesforce migration

Our tool employs the latest and greatest security mechanisms. The reason why we need your credentials is that we need to create and maintain a stable connection between the two systems. Through this connection, data will travel is a fast and effective manner.

Once you give the details, the tool will fetch data you’d like to move. Then, you'll have to map the things you deem necessary and proceed with the on-screen prompts.

Zendesk to Salesforce mapping

Salesforce data migration mapping

You should in way skip on a demo migration as it will allow you to identify all potential errors. Essentially, our system will copy a bit of your data and will try to migrate it to see if anything goes wrong. It is fast, it doesn’t cost anything, and will help you identify errors in advance.

After the demo migration is complete, you can proceed to move the rest of your data. Typically, it takes upwards of a single business day to move things but it all depends on the case. If you have a ton of records, it can take a bit longer.
If you're looking for in-depth Salesforce data migration checklist - feel free to check out this article.

Why Use Our Solution

Each system has its set of pros and cons and ours is no different. But what separates us from the competition is experience. We have been on the market for years now; our tools are being used by many and we continue to work on them every single day. We want you to have a hassle-free experience that is why we constantly add more and more platforms to the list of supported systems.

We also made our pricing more compelling. We don’t charge you for work, only for the records you’ve moved. No hidden fees, no nothing. It is cheaper to move with us than hiring a software developer. It is also faster as we have everything ready to boot, unlike hiring a person to develop things from scratch.

Finally, our technicians will be right there to support you throughout the entire migration process. Whenever there’s a bug or an error, or some other inconsistency, you won’t be left alone to deal with it. Over the years, we’ve smashed many problems and helped hundreds of companies move their stuff.

Let’s Migrate Together

Whether you want to migrate to or from Salesforce, our system will get the job done. It will not only be fast but affordable as well. With us, you can rest assured knowing that your records won’t be mixed up, corrupted, or outright broken.

If you need more details or have some questions that we didn’t cover here, be sure to let us know. Our people will help you out in any way possible but for now, we hope that our guide was of some use for you. Thanks for joining!

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