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What is the Concierge migration service (aka Hands-free migration)?

Each company has its own myopic of why to import or export help desk data. Many customers have been there – endlessly researching ways to enhance a frustrating help desk migration, and our automated Migration Wizard has taken the heavy lifting.

However, choosing a new customer service system, preparing historical records, running a help desk or service desk migration, and target set up aren’t as sweet and easy as we’d like them to be. Those things take time, effort, and company resources.

The Help Desk Migration team never passes up an opportunity for an upgrade and advancement, and we got a new option of Hands-free migration.

What is a Concierge migration service?

Hands-free migration is a combination of benefits, resource-saving, and purpose. You tell us what your Source and Target are, what record you want to transfer, and what adjustments you need (i.e., data filtering, extra tags, ticket events as private notes, migrating information related to inactive users, adding legacy ticket ID to the ticket subject and more.)

Either you are a C-level manager or head of the customer service dept. or support lead, you save your resources and time on setting up the migration; you simply keep working and delivering outstanding CX. We’ll do it for you, and you just sit back and check the results.

Concierge migration service: How to arrange it?

You want to move customer service records to another system but want to make it in an automated and simple way. Pragmatic insights of delegating and automating tasks have stood the test of time. To fix your Hands-free migration, follow these steps:

  1. Schedule a call to discuss your migration project or in Migration Wizard, click on Discuss my migration.

    Hands-free migration

  2. With the help of our account manager, you figure out in more detail what data migration adjustments your project needs.
  3. When to start and complete your help desk transfer.
  4. Enlist the adjustments and customizations for your business requirements.
  5. You provide us with access to your Source and Target, and the Help Desk Migration team checks the most suitable way to fulfill your requirements. After that, we present your data migration plan.
  6. Once the agreement is signed up and Full Data MIgration is paid – we start your migration while you keep working and expect the email that your migration is completed.

Who benefits from Concierge migration service?

Our Concierge migration service brings advantages to companies that

  • have a considerable volume of customer service records and want to import the data without extra coding or changes on the current help desk
  • want to get their records transferred without distracting the IT team from work
  • need to migrate help desk data and don’t have IT dept. and don’t want to outsource their migration project
  • considered manual records switch, but decided to save on effort and time and focus on business instead
  • plan to use the Source platform during the migration and want to avoid any changes in their workflows
  • want to get a well-developed help desk migration plan, customizations, and post-migration setting to keep supporting their clients without downtimes or breaks
  • want to describe their requirements on how their data should look on their desired help desk and then only check the results and continue working on the new platform

Help desk migration requires planning and setting – let’s admit it. Thus, apart from automating and securing the records transfer, the Help Desk Migration team can navigate you in this process via helping during the default migration or doing all the settings and migrating according to your needs.

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