Automated Options: Customize Data Migration Seamlessly

Introducing game-changing automated options for help desk data migration at your fingertips!

At Help Desk Migration, we never settle for less. We're thrilled to unveil a remarkable range of automated options designed to seamlessly migrate your data across various platforms. Say goodbye to manual hassles and embrace seamless transitions like never before!

What Are the Automated Custom Options?

In a fast-paced world driven by technology and the need for instant solutions, we understand the importance of automating data migration processes. That's why we're thrilled to present a set of custom options to adjust your data migration out-of-the-box. That is not only improves our services but also brings immense value to our customers.

Let's dive into the exciting automated custom options we offer for data migration:

  • Add a new tag to the migrated tickets: Seamlessly tag migrated tickets, empowering you with better organization and enhanced search capabilities.
  • Migrate inline images as ticket attachments: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually reattaching images. Our automated system effortlessly migrates inline images as ticket attachments, preserving their integrity.
  • Skip attachments: Migration Wizard transfers the attachments on default. Need to prioritize a swift migration? With this option, you can choose to exclude attachments, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.
  • Migrate call recordings: Preserve important Zendesk call recordings during data migration, ensuring seamless access to valuable information.
  • Migrate content translations: Expand your global reach by effortlessly migrating content translations, maintaining multilingual support effortlessly.
  • Demo with custom data: Experience the power of our data migration solution firsthand with a tailored, test Demo using your handpicked data—choose up to 20 ID of tickets and KB articles.
  • Migrate Zendesk ticket side conversations: Seamlessly transfer ticket side conversations, ensuring nothing gets left behind in the migration process.

How Do Automated Options Work?

Once you launch the data migration connecting your source and target accounts, you can choose from the automated options listed under the Tickets. The list of options depends on your current and targeted platforms.

Automated Options

Add a new tag to the migrated tickets

When you select this option, the field for adding tags appears below.

Add A New Tag To Migrated Tickets

You need to provide at least one tag to activate this option.

Add A New Tag To Tickets

Migrate inline images as ticket attachments

Want to keep embedded images from your source platform? This option fixes it for you. But be ready that it can impact the data migration time. Setting up your migration will be a good choice if you want to use this option.

Migrate Inline Images As Ticket Attachments

Skip attachments

Don't attachments impact your performance? You can skip them once moving from your source platform. Another advantage is faster data migration.

Skip Attachments

Migrate Call Recordings

Want to move call recording from your Zendesk account during the data migration? This option is just for you. You can move your call recordings as ticket attachments.

Migrate Call Recordings

Before the data migration, your call recordings are the separate messages in the ticket on your Zendesk account.

Automated Options Zendesk

When you choose this option, you attach your call recordings to the tickets. After the data migration, they are linked to the tickets as mp3 files below the ticket descriptions. You can also listen to your call recordings by following a link.

Automated Options Freshdesk

How to proceed to Free Demo? Choose the options you need and Continue. The selected options will apply automatedly. Once your Demo migration is done, open migrated tickets and check how the customized options performed.

Note that the price for your Full Data Migration changes if you apply these options.

Migrate content translations

Have a multilingual knowledge base and want to preserve all localized articles after data migration? You can migrate them if both source and target platforms include multilingual support. Just make sure to add the same language versions on the source help desk to the target.

Migrate Content Translations

Demo with custom data

When you select this option, the field for adding IDs appears below both tickets and articles. Fill in up to 20 ticket IDs and 20 article IDs in the appropriate fields.

One-time Demo With Custom Data

Ensure you haven't overrun the offered number of record IDs. During one time Demo with custom data, your tickets and articles transfer with all related data.

One-time Demo With Custom Data IDs

Migrate Zendesk ticket side conversations

You've chosen to say goodbye to Zendesk and welcome a new help desk platform. But don't worry! Your cherished Zendesk ticket side conversations will smoothly travel with you. During the migration, these conversations will elegantly move as private comments into your new helpdesk.

Consolidating two Zendesk instances? You might wonder what happens to your ticket side conversations. The answer is simple yet magical: they migrate as ticket side conversations. Our data migration guarantees a seamless transfer, preserving the original form of the side conversations.

Zendesk Side Conversation Migration Option

To what help desk platforms can you import Zendesk side conversation?

If you're migrating data from Zendesk, transfer the ticket side conversations to your new help desk. Here's a list of customer service platforms that support automated import of Zendesk's ticket side conversations:

How to proceed to the Free Demo? Choose the options you need and Continue. The selected options will apply automatedly. Once your Demo migration is done, open migrated tickets and check how the customized options performed.

Details on Automated Options for Supported Help Desk Platforms

PlatformNew tagInline imagesSkip attachmentsCall recordingsContent translationsDemo with custom data: tickets/KB
Autotask PSANoNoYesNoNoYes/No
Awesome SupportNoNoYesNoNoYes/No
Help ScoutYesYesYesNoNoYes/Yes
HubSpot Service HubNoYesYesNoNoYes/No
Jira Service ManagementYesYesYesNoNoYes/Yes
JitBit HelpdeskYesYesYesNoNoYes/Yes
Live AgentNoYesYesNoNoYes/Yes
Manage EngineNoNoYesNoNoYes/No
N-able MSP ManagerNoYesYesNoNoYes/No
Oracle Service Cloud(RightNow)NoYesYesNoNoYes/Yes
((OTRS)) Community EditionNoNoYesNoNoYes/No
Salesforce Service CloudNoYesYesNoYesYes/Yes
ServiceDesk PlusNoYesYesNoNoYes/No
SolarWinds Service DeskYesYesYesNoNoYes/No
SolarWinds Web Help DeskNoYesYesNoNoYes/No
Spiceworks CloudNoNoYesNoNoYes/No
Tender SupportYesYesYesNoNoYes/No
Wix AnswersNoYesYesNoNoYes/No
Zoho DeskYesYesYesNoNoYes/Yes
Zoho MailNoYesYesNoNoNo/No

Note that the price for your Full Data Migration changes if you apply these options.

Let’s Improve Your Data Migration

We hope that these new features come in handy for your data migration. If you have questions about these options or want to discuss possible migration scheduling, drop a line to our support agents. And, if you are ready to move your data, then go ahead and set up your Free Demo migration.

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