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Overview of the migration

We received a message from Tom requesting a migration from Parature to TeamSupport. At the time, the Migration Wizard did not support automatic migration to TeamSupoort. So, first we had to investigate TeamSupport API and see if the migration was possible at all.

Upon investigation, we found that we could actually help migrate the data. However, it would be a quite challenging task. TeamSupport has a particular way of working with knowledge base articles. Thus, there was custom work to do to in order to migrate the articles correctly.

Eventually, Help Desk Migration team successfully completed the migration and Minerva Networks started using TeamSupport.

Tell us a bit about your company and about yourself.

My name is Tom Howard and I am the Director of Support for a company that creates middleware as well as full solutions for customers that want to provide IPTV services to their customers.

About Minerva Networks

Minerva Networks, Inc. provides service management solutions for the delivery of advanced pay television services. It offers Minerva Entertainment Delivery Platform that includes Minerva Back Office that enables operators to manage and deliver entertainment experiences, including linear TV programming, video on demand, subscription VOD, pay-per-view, and Internet-based over-the-top content, as well as personal media; and MINERVA EDGE that enables deployments in data center or cloud environments. The company serves service providers and operators worldwide.

Minerva Networks Headquarters of Minerva networks in San Jose, CA

You migrated from Parature to TeamSupport using Help Desk Migration service. How did you like the process?

The procedure went pretty well. It was my first time doing a job like this and I learned a lot in the process. I think the biggest difference between my expectation and the reality was how much longer getting everything correct would take.

Why did you decide to migrate data?

Our old support tool was ending their service so we were forced to make a change to a new system.

The procedure went pretty well. It was my first time doing a job like this and I learned a lot in the process.

Tom Howard
Tom Howard Director of Customer Support at Minerva Networks

Any tips you’d like to share with those looking to migrate to another help desk?

Start as early as possible because unless everything will be exactly the same on both systems you are bound to forget about some details which can cause delays.

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