Onshore Data Migration for an Australian Managed Service Provider

If your business is based in Australia, working with a foreign company can be a challenge. The time difference is often a problem, and it may be hard to tell whether the company is reliable.

Recently, we’ve had a chance to work on an interesting case. Help Desk Migration was that company on the other end of the world. Our task was to help a managed service provider based in Queensland migrate their data.

Our client wants to stay anonymous due to contract requirements, so we’re not going to mention the company’s name. Instead, we focus on sharing their experience migrating data with Help Desk Migration.

Who can benefit from this case study? Companies that have to meet strict security policies. And, basically, anyone who needs to migrate data.

What Was the Reason for Help Desk Software Migration?

The reason for the migration was simple: the company got acquired. So they needed to move their data to the other company’s software to keep everything in a single place. So, they started looking into how their business interacts with customers and what sort of data they would need to keep on servicing their customers.

What was the company’s conclusion? They decided to keep all customer data to keep the historic view of the interaction with them as an organization, as well as individual agents.

What Were the Challenges of Data Migration?

The client has to work out a plan for the unexpected. They really underestimated the amount of data variation they had.

For instance, knowledge base categories have changed a lot throughout the last five years. Those massive variations in records required data clean-up and turned out much harder than initially anticipated.

A piece of advice to learn from this case: consistency is often a key to efficient data management.

Why Did They Search for an Automated Solution?

The client had two main reasons:

  • a number of records
  • a tight timeframe

Initially, the company had looked at whether they could do the migration themselves. They also contacted their software provider to help them with the migration. However, the latter wasn’t able to commit to the client’s timeframe. But that turned out to be a different ball game with its own challenges.

So, the client ended up looking for another supplier with the following demands:

  • move the data within the set timeframe
  • have control over when and where the data would be migrated

What Are the Criteria for Choosing a Data Migration Solution?

The company has broken down its requirements into two aspects.

  1. A tool should have resources to handle a large volume of data. Quick pause for a note: They needed to migrate over 1M records.
  2. A migration provider should migrate the data within Australia. The client had to comply with strict requirements and keep the data onshore whenever possible.

How Did Help Desk Migration Solve These Challenges?

Not to brag, but Help Desk Migration was developed to handle large volumes of data. Among our customers, you can find companies that migrated 12+ million records successfully. The cases helped give real-world proof that our service can migrate such an amount of data, and we matched the first requirement.

This customer journey was looking different from those other businesses had. Having a mission to simplify data migration, we went the extra mile and got a server in Australia to run this client’s migration onshore.

What Was Your First Impression of the Tool?

Here’s what the client said: “It was quite easy to use. The things were a little too easy. We were doing the CSV migration. It was just: upload this file, do this for up to five minutes. And then, it uploads some data into your environment, and you can see the data. It was extremely easy. That’s the key takeaway: so easy.”

What Were Your Pain Points?

The time difference between Ukraine and Australia turned out to be a bit challenging to overcome.

The Relokia team did an amazing job at facilitating our requests outside of their normal business hours. That was the most challenging thing around the data migration.

Relokia is based in Europe, and that was another concern the client had.

Those fears were quickly overcome after discussions with the Help Desk Migration team. The professionals on the team were fantastic. They helped us feel at ease with the legitimacy of the organization.

First-Hand Data Migration Tip from Our Client

"Take the time to look at your data before you start looking at your migration process. I guess if we’d spent more time really understanding the data we had, we probably would have allowed a greater length of time to do the migration. Because we underestimated the amount of data drifts that we had from five years of data, we probably wasted a lot of time to re-run, re-think and re-process that data before we could actually migrate it."

Overall Experience with Help Desk Migration

"The experience was fantastic. I cannot express how much you’ve helped our organization through this process. The service that you offer is absolutely fantastic. It was a life-saver in the situation. The software provider was not helpful when it came to data migration. Dealing with your organization was like a breath of fresh air. You knew what you were talking about when it came to data migration. It really made us feel confident in the service that you offered."

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