How Bras N Things Migrated Their Data Preserving Customer Context

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Company: Bras N Things
Industry: Retail
Location: Alexandria, NSW
Type of migration: Freshdesk to Zendesk
The objective: Migrate the customer service data to Zendesk to keep the engagement history for future reference.
The solution: Automatic migration of help desk data.

If we require any further data migration, I would not hesitate to use the tool again.

Wendy Sheppard
Wendy Sheppard Digital Programme Analyst

at Bras N Things

About Bras N Things

Bras N Things is Australia’s leading fashion lingerie retailer with more than 180 stores across Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Recently, you used Help Desk Migration service to transfer data from Freshdesk to Zendesk. How did it go? Was the procedure confusing at any point?

There were two obstacles we ran into...

The first was why the Freshdesk voicemails were not importing (Freshdesk limitation) and if the Freshdesk Archive tickets were migrated or not – they were. These were resolved very quickly with the support team.

Why did you decide to migrate data?

We re-platformed from to Zendesk from Freshdesk. We wanted to keep the engagement history to ensure efficient and optimized customer service going forward.

Will you be using this migration tool again in the future?

If we require any further data migration, I would not hesitate to use the tool again.

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