HappyFox vs Freshdesk Breakdown

For several years, many help and service desk solutions either evolved or ceased to exist. Some of the customer support software got incremental updates, others received a full overhaul. Some get both incremental and major updates for customer management all the time. Two such systems are HappyFox and Freshdesk. Both are considered to be very capable tools but which one is better for your business? We don’t know but what we do know, is which of the two offers the most bang for your buck. Thus, without any further delay, let’s see what both of these tools have and how they can compete with one another.


We’ll start our look at the design of HappyFox vs Freshdesk as it is the first thing you see when you’ve typed in the password. So, this is something that should be pleasant to look at over extended periods. Plus, we will be taking usability into account as it is also part of the design moniker and, frankly, if you can’t find functions it doesn’t matter whether your UI looks fabulous or not.


We’ll start with HappyFox. The system is quite simple in its overall design. On the left side of the main screen, you have contacts and on top of them a button where you can switch views between support tickets, dashboards, contacts, reports among others. Also as part of the same menu-bar, you have the context-aware search system. On the top right side of the screen, you have your profile where you can also find the settings.

HappyFox tickets

Ticket management in HappyFox. Source: G2

The main screen is dynamic and will change information depending on what view you selected. Generally, each info element will be presented in a special card that contains all the vital information you might need, such as the title of the support ticket, who is working on it, and what is the priority. Overall, HappyFox offers a pretty robust UI and design language. Everything is rounded and pleasing to view. Finding functions and toggles wasn’t hard but we wish we could add more info on the main screen.


HappyFox and Freshdesk are pretty similar in terms of design. But Freshdesk does have a few unique aspects in terms of ticket management. First off, just like it’s competitor, to the left, Freshdesk has a side-bar that has a variety of menus that you can switch between. Sounds familiar? It is. The difference is only in the functionality, on HappyFox you get the list of contacts and on Freshdesk you get settings. On the right-top corner, you have your profile options, a search menu, and notifications.

Freshdesk tickets

Ticket management section in Freshdesk. Source: G2

The main body is simple but effective as it has way more data elements. You not only get an overview of the support ticket but its properties, and filters. Besides this, you also get access to quick responses, edits, and discussion button which is very convenient as you don’t have to create a separate dialog and invite people separately. Overall, it is a solid implementation even though it is a little bland in terms of looks.


For many, functionality is what pushes them to buy the tool. But here we won't mention multi-channel communication, service level agreement, and stuff like that. They are already must-have features of good customer support software. Instead of describing general features of HappyFox vs Freshdesk, we’ll focus on the exclusive ones. Because both tools offer superb customer support workflow and overall help desk management experience.


The tool offers its users two unique features that can completely transform your workflow. These features are Auto Assignment and Canned Actions. Let’s take a look at each separately. So, Auto Assignment is, as the name implies, an automatic ticket assignment system. Based on the availability of agents and their skills, HappyFox will assign tickets to people who can handle the issue. This automatic process will also route all supplement material and even close upon completion. All of this will reduce the workload significantly.

The second feature is Canned Actions and it is a form of automation cause it will recommend your agents solutions that might work. It does this by “reading” your knowledge base and past issues to form a probable solution. The more you use it the smarter it can get meaning that you will spend less time on common issues.

Canned Actions | HappyFox University


The company has been hard at work to provide us with features that will help solve consumer requests and improve quality. Two such features are the Help Widget and the newly introduced Freddy AI. Just like we did with HappyFox, we’ll briefly discuss what those features are all about.

So, the Help Widget is practically an interactive live chat that you can embed whenever you want and it is designed to help customers solve their problems instead of creating new tickets. As we already mentioned, it is an interactive system but what didn’t say that you can incorporate forms and questionnaires into it. The answers provided to these questions will be used to find information in the knowledge base or past issues.

The next feature is Freddy AI and it is an AI-powered customer support system that is designed to help both your agents and your customers solve issues. The AI has its set of features, one of which is the Answer Bot. It will try and answer your customer’s questions and ultimately deflect a ticket. Also as part of this system is the Ticket Field Suggester which is a system that learns from your past issues and creates field-complete tickets automatically. Then there’s the Social Signal function that scans every social media mentions and interaction to inform you about issues that weren’t reported in terms of multi-channel communication.

Build Answer Bots with Freshdesk


The next section is pretty straightforward but ultimately very important as it is what separates your brand from the competition. We won’t be dividing them into separate analyses as they are practically identical with a few minor differences. So, both Freshdesk and HappyFox support extra customization but out of the two, only Freshdesk supports themes. Although you can customize colors and whatnot in HappyFox. Another key difference between the two is that Freshdesk allows you to customize the layout of certain pages. Overall, Freshdesk is more robust in terms of customization.


One of the best things about help desk and service desk systems is their flexibility as the ticket management software. HappyFox and Freshdesk both allow for it to some degree. Now if you take a look at the system, it is clear that it doesn’t target a specific type of company but instead, try to offer enough customization so that you can adapt it to any business model. Take, for instance, the fact that you have access to an app store where you can download several extensions. Or the fact that their pricing model is very robust and will fit just about any wallet.

The only thing this system lacks is advanced branding and themes. Freshdesk is also quite flexible and will feel comfortable in both large and small organizations. While you don’t have a dedicated app store, you do have features that can easily scale and work under a heavy load easily. And as we mentioned, you do get that extra customization.


Lastly, we have the customer support section and let us be clear, they are both the same in this regard. You can easily reach them by using social media channels, as well as you can write them an email or a live chat. That's what we call a must-have multi-channel communication options. The time it takes to get a response can vary but generally, they are pretty much the same. If you have trouble setting something, you will get a detailed answer and if you want to change the way certain functions communicate, you will get access to documentation (certain things are still out of reach though).

HappyFox vs Freshdesk

Bottom Line

So, this seems to be the end of our "compare HappyFox vs Freshdesk" article. All in all, both tools are great and offer a lot of cool things that will help you provide better customer support and higher quality outcomes. There is no clear winner and picking a side just wouldn’t be right. What will be right though, is asking for a free trial to see how things work. Indeed, by testing the tools yourself, you will surely know what suits you and your business objectives. And if you decide that it’s time to move on to HappyFox or Freshdesk, we can help you with the transfer process. If you have questions about the tools or want to suggest something, leave us a message in any case.

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