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Company: LCBC Church
Industry: Religious Institutions
Location: Manheim, Pennsylvania
Type of migration: Zendesk to Freshservice
The challenge: LCBC Church needed to continue working on the old help desk platform until the end of our business day and be on the new platform the following morning.
The solution: Automated migration with pre-built customizations and Signature support plan
The result: The company successfully moved all needed records to Freshservice.

The team was extremely responsive, and their customer service was unprecedented! We felt cared for, valued, and prioritized throughout the migration process.

John Evans
John Evans IT Director at LCBC

About the company

LCBC (Lives Changed By Christ) Church is a non-denominational church on a mission to introduce people to Jesus and follow Him together. Their commitment to others shapes their identity, guiding them as they reach more communities across Pennsylvania.

Nowadays, LCBC is one church with multiple locations throughout Pennsylvania. Each location features the same unified music experience and one message from a communicator broadcasted to each location.

Could you tell us a little about what your company does and how you meet your customers' needs and expectations? We'd love to hear your story!

LCBC Church now has 21 locations and several community groups throughout Pennsylvania. We have a Central staff who support our team of almost 300 staff and approximately 20,000 attendees. Our core values are: we focus on others, we work with excellence, we prioritize relationships, and we live with authenticity. We multicast our gathering to over 21 locations and community groups and broadcast to our church's online platform. We teach people about Jesus and provide opportunities for attendees to grow in their relationship with Jesus through weekend gatherings, which include worship and relevant messages, small groups, classes, serving opportunities, and giving opportunities.

We're always interested in hearing about real-life experiences using our tools. Could you share your thoughts on the Help Desk Migration service?

Help Desk Migration was a lifesaver in our migration process from Zendesk to FreshService. We could not have done it successfully without them. We were able to migrate thousands of tickets and their corresponding data seamlessly. The team was extremely responsive, and their customer service was unprecedented! We felt cared for, valued, and prioritized throughout the migration process. The team provided rapid solutions and provided us with exceptional communication before, during, and following the migration. I would recommend this service to anyone needing to migrate data with confidence that the integrity of their data will be maintained from one platform to another.

In addition, we loved the ability to test the migration tool before doing the full migration. It gave us important information and clues to where we needed to tweak our process, add fields in one of our platforms, and confirm the correct mapping of our data. Help Desk Migration saved us hundreds of man-hours and allowed us to meet our deadline of moving into a new help desk platform.

What challenge were you hoping to overcome through the migration process?

Data migration can be tedious. We are a small team with limited resources and a rapidly approaching deadline to go live with our new help desk platform. We needed a solution that would alleviate pressure on our small team of IT staff. We needed time-saving solutions that would help us hit our deadline, and Help Desk Migration did just that. Their service allowed us to view and understand the scope of our migration easily. And the customer service team was able to move us from our initial inquiry into the migration process in the time frame we required. Finally, scheduling the migration start time allowed us to continue working on the old help desk platform until the end of our business day and be on the new platform the following morning with minimal to no disruption to our workflow.

What specific historical data were you looking to preserve during the transfer?

Our ticketing platform holds troubleshooting information, tracking on recurring issues, bug fixes, information that will inform future updates to our app and website, network and infrastructure change logs, repair history on hardware, custom’s associated assets, customer and agent information, etc.

Why should someone consider using an automated data migration tool?

As mentioned before, data migration can be tedious and costly. It is important to have a good migration solution and allow expert involvement in the process. Our team has done data migrations in the past, and we have never had such a positive experience as we’ve had with the Help Desk Migration service. The process is quite simple to map fields from one platform to another. And any errors during the migration can be quickly identified, reviewed, and resolved with the help of the Help Desk Migration team.

For us, the automated tool removed hurdles, saved our staff time to focus on other important aspects of our jobs, and saved our organization money by mitigating labor costs, removing the barrier of operational downtime, and eliminating costly data recovery for lost data.

We're curious – how did you discover Help Desk Migration?

We discovered Help Desk Migration through Freshservice’s product and service catalog.

We're always striving to improve our services. Could you tell us which features of Help Desk Migration were most valuable to you? Have you tried any of our pre-built customization options?

The data mapping tool was wonderful. But the best value you brought to us was through your staff. Every interaction I had with a customer service agent was positive, informative, and pleasant. You have a great staff team that cares deeply about the quality of their work and creating a great customer experience.

Have you explored other methods for migrating data? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

No, we did not really explore other options for this migration. We briefly talked with Freshservice about using their complementary data migration. But, they were slow to respond in the timeframe we needed, and they required us to provide a lot of information that we did not have easy access to concerning the scope of the migration. Help Desk Migration did not require the same high level of knowledge to begin the process.

Do you have any advice for companies considering a data transfer to a different help desk platform? We're all ears!

Nope! I think I’ve already answered this above.

Help Desk Migration

Automated service to migrate your data between help desk platforms without programming skills — just follow simple Migration Wizard.

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