How Hexagon Software Group Migrated their Data from ReadyDesk without API

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Company: Hexagon Software Group Ltd
Type of migration: ReadyDesk to Freshdesk
Challenge: The client migrated from a platform without API.
Solution: Custom migration of the help desk and the knowledge base
Result: Help Desk Migration team developed the necessary customization, so the client successfully migrated the data to Freshdesk.

The main wins for us as I say was the data history allowing us to quickly search on the calls to date.

Robert Cann
Robert Cann Senior Consultant
at Hexagon Software Group

Tell us about Hexagon Software Group

Hexagon Software is one of the UK’s leading developers of specialist property and financial management software that focuses on usability and the delivery of real business benefits.

Why did you decide to migrate data?

Customer service is very important to us – as a lot of our revenue comes from professional services rather than the software itself. It was, therefore, important to keep existing call database and migration of history gives us a marvelous repository of knowledge.

How do you like migrating from ReadyDesk to Freshdesk with Help Desk Migration service?

Overall I felt the process was smooth with good communication from the team – any delays were entirely our side whilst we digested and reviewed our current setup versus the migrated sample.
The main point I would like to make is it would be more helpful to have had a larger sample of data – this would have helped to iron out a few niggles earlier on.

There was also an issue with the date of the data cut taken – but this was quickly resolved by yourselves.

What would be the biggest advantage you got using our service?

I don’t know how much business you do with regards to Freshdesk but we have been very impressed with the results.

The main wins for us as I say was the data history allowing us to quickly search on the calls to date. With next to no training the team has taken to it very quickly something that is a testament to its good design.

Many thanks for the fast turnaround – and wish you guys success in future migrations.

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