How to Migrate from Help Scout to Zendesk Using Automated Data Transition Tool

Help Scout reinvented the shared inbox: made it efficient and easy to use. However, Help Scout is mostly loved by small teams. If you’re looking to scale your business at a greater pace then you should find a more advanced help desk. Because the bigger the business, the more emails/tweets/messages, etc.

Zendesk is jam-packed with features that allow creating a well-oiled support machine.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to migrate from Help Scout to Zendesk using our automated data transition tool.

Step 1: Connect Help Scout and Zendesk with HDM

To start the migration go to Migration Wizard and grant access to your Help Scout and Zendesk accounts. Note that both platforms should be up and running because we can’t transition information from suspended accounts. Also, make sure that the credentials you have admin rights for both accounts. All good?

Connect our service with your Help Scout. To do so, enter the following credentials:

  • Help Scout API;
  • Docs API;
  • Mailbox ID.

Mailbox ID is an optional field. If you’d like to migrate the records from all mailboxes available in Help Scout just skip this field. If you need to transition a specific mailbox, then specify its ID. Click “Continue” and sign in to Zendesk.

Enter the URL of your company’s Zendesk, and you will be taken to an authorization page. Sign in as you usually would and proceed to the next step of the migration.

Step 2: Set up your migration

Now it’s time to choose which records you want to transition. Our service allows migrating:

  • Tickets;
  • Contacts;
  • Staff and Staff groups;
  • Notes;
  • Attachments;
  • Tags;
  • Knowledge base articles, categories, and sections.

Simply check the boxes next to the information you want to migrate:

Important: Tickets cannot be migrated without Contacts, Staff and Staff Groups because they are interrelated.

Adjust the mapping if necessary

Help Desk Migration also allows you to select how ticket fields and knowledge base articles statuses will migrate to Zendesk. Our service automatically configures these, but you can tweak them if necessary:

Check your custom fields

You can transition custom fields from Help Scout to Zendesk using our service. Create the same custom fields in Zendesk before starting setting up the migration; log out of Zendesk and then log in again. This will clear the cache and allow to transition the information.

Step 3: Perform a Demo Migration

Demo Migration is a trial import which transitions 20 tickets with related records to Zendesk free of charge. This way you can test our service and check the quality of transition before taking the big leap.

During the Demo we’ll also count the total amount of records in Help Scout and return the price of the Full Data Migration:

Once the preview is ready, make sure to check the result of the Demo Migration carefully. Follow this guide to help you.

Step 4: Transition all of your records

If you’re satisfied with the result of the Demo Import, then proceed to the final stage - Full Data Transition. At this point, all that’s left to do is pay the bill and start the migration. We will take it the rest of the way.

The migration to Zendesk can last from several hours to a couple of days. It depends on the number of records we’re talking about. So, if you want to move your data to Zendesk, you need to register first.
We’ll keep an eye on your migration and once it’s completed, shoot you an email.

Give it a try!

Help Desk Migration is your shortcut that not only saves you time but also money and effort. Just pass four simple steps and start using your shiny new Zendesk.

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