How to Upgrade from Kayako Classic and Keep all of Your Data

In 2016 Kayako rolled out the new upgraded and powerful cloud version. The same year in July Kayako announced an end-of-life (EOL) for Kayako Download and decided to suspend the support of a download version in 6 months. Later on, the company corrected the initial decision. It decided to continue the support for the self-hosted version but to stop the development of the self-hosted version. It means that new features will appear only in the cloud Kayako. These two events forced a good amount of Kayako users to upgrade from Kayako Classic.

The advantages of the new Kayako

The new version of the help desk presents compelling and substantial new features to help the teams offer excellent support. Here are the top features of the new Kayako.

  • Unified conversations - a feature that helps to build personalized communication with the clients of the company. Now all the interactions with clients are grouped into ‘conversations’. Thus every employee can see communications with a client - via email, phone, chat, social networks. Client’s search around the knowledge base or in external systems integrated with Kayako is also included in ‘conversations’. All this creates a full context to provide the best customer experience.
  • Enhanced automation functionality - Kayako offers different types of automation. They include scheduling email notifications and surveys, setting reply and resolution deadlines, sending reminders to agents about important conversations.
  • Collaboration tools for team members - in the new version the company added unified se and intuitive editing of the the help center information. Kayako users can now add ‘collaborators’ - employees who can comment on the ticket to help with the problem. Their comments can be seen only by support managers, but not the clients.

These are the most important but not all the changes that the new Kayako can boast of.

How to upgrade from Kayako Classic without having to wait in a queue

When Kayako launched the new cloud version and stopped the development of the on-premise version, a lot of clients decided to upgrade from Kayako Classic. However, because of the overwhelming demand, the Kayako team had to form a queue to help their clients migrate data. If you don't have the time to wait, an automated Help Desk Migration Service is a great way to perform the migration by yourself.

With Help Desk Migration Service you get multiple benefits:

  1. Schedule a convenient time for migration. No queues or delays. It takes up to 20 minutes to set up and launch the migration.
  2. Migrate all historical data you need: tickets with comments and attachments, help center, agents, customers etc.
  3. Perform a Demo migration and let all your team members play with the result and make sure everything works as expected.
  4. Get prompt and professional support to help you with the process.

So if you need to upgrade from Kayako classic and migrate your data, Help Desk Migration Service is a real time saver. Sign up to perform a demo and full migration and enjoy all powerful features in the new cloud Kayako.

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