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Endy, a Canadian eCommerce company, Successfully Migrated from a Soon-to-be-Retired Help Desk

Canadian Mattress Company







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Company: Endy
Industry: Furniture
Location: Canada
Type of migration: Desk.com to Zendesk
Challenge: The client wanted to move from a soon-to-be-retired platform to a more robust help desk.
Solution: Automatic migration of all customer service data.
Result:The client successfully migrated from Desk.com to Zendesk.

Help Desk Migration was great. They provided me with the information I needed to migrate data properly.

Tom Doulos
Tom Doulos Director of Customer Experience at Endy

Could you tell me a bit about your company and about yourself?

Endy is a Canadian eCommerce company that sells premium foam mattresses direct to consumers. By cutting out the middleman, we offer our mattress at a fraction of the price of other industry players. Our mattresses are manufactured locally in Canada, compression packed, and rolled into easy-to-move boxes. They are then shipped directly to customers with a 100-night risk-free trial, 10-year warranty, and easy returns. Endy is the future of mattress buying — built from the ground up with a focus on great design, a hassle-free buying experience, and an honest price tag.

My name is Tom Douglas and I’m the Director of Customer Experience. I joined Endy to help provide a World Class Customer Experience.

Recently, you used Help Desk Migration service to transfer data from Desk to Zendesk. How did it go? Was the procedure confusing at any point?

Help Desk Migration was great with us. Being my first time dealing with a migration, they were very patient with me as I guided myself through the process of migrating data.

Why did you decide to migrate your data?

We need to leave our current provider for a more robust helpdesk system that allowed for omnichannel support.

How did you come across our migration tool, and will you be using again in the future?

Through Zendesk recommendations.

What can you advise to people who are also looking for migration?

Help Desk Migration was great. They provided me with the information I needed to migrate data properly.

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