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How to disable rules in Gorgias

Before migrating to Gorgias, make sure that all rules are disabled. If you don't disable them, a couple of things can happen depending on what rules you have on:

  • during the migration, tickets may change statuses. For instance, closed tickets may become open in Gorgias;
  • customers and agents may receive notifications about ticket creation.

To prevent these issues we recommend disabling all rules before you start the migration and keeping them off until its completion.

Here’s how to disable rules in Gorgias:

1. Go to Settings.

How to turn off rules in Gorgias

2. Select Rules.

Instuction on how to disable rules in Gorgias

3. Check which Rules are On (the button on the right will be green) and disable them by clicking the toggle.

Learn how ro disable email notifications in Gorgias

When the migration is over, revisit this page to enable notification rules.

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