How to check the result of Demo Migration for Gorgias

Once the Demo Migration is finished, you will see the following table summary, depicting the number of transferred records along with downloadable CSV files (containing the exact ID for each entity) for each type, except for Tickets. Due to the platform peculiarities, you can only view the migrated tickets.

how to check the results of demo migration to gorgias

To check the results of demo migration for Gorgias, you will have to:
1) Download offered reports. You will get a view of a whole list of records that were moved during the Demo Migration. Go straight to Gorgias and check carefully the transferred records. The CSV report will look like this.

download report contacts

2) Click the ‘View 20 records’ button to open a table with clickable tickets IDs. The ID’s are clickable so you can view the tickets along with its Type, Source, Priority, Tags, Requester, and Agents. Take the time to carefully examine each of the 20 tickets to ensure that the Full Data Migration will run as smoothly as possible.

ticket id gorgias

If you’re satisfied with the demo result, initiate the Full Data Migration.

Note that the tickets transferred during the trial migration will be removed automatically from Gorgias. The duplicates will not be a problem if you’re migrating with us.

You’ll get a hold of similar data migration reports after the Full Data Migration. Make sure you give the same effort and time to examine everything to get the best experience working with Gorgias.

In case of any additional questions, please contact our customer support team.

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