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How to export data from an SQL database

Help Desk Migration allows connecting to an SQL database and executing an SQL query to retrieve information to create a data source. This article provides basic instructions on the requirements needed to migrate from a database.

Currently, the Migration Wizard supports only the MySQL driver.

How to start a migration from a database?

1. Create a read-only database user for this IP address: Follow this instruction to create a read-only user account. When done, use our migration wizard connection step to check if the connection is established.
2. Sign into your account and click Setup new migration. Choose Database from the list and start filling out the form.

3. Specify the following parameters:

  1. The host name of the server your helpdesk database is hosted on.
  2. The port number of your helpdesk database.
  3. The name of the database in which your helpdesk data is stored.
  4. The username used in your helpdesk install to log into the database server.
  5. The password to access the database server.

4. Click Continue and proceed with your migration.

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