4 Help Desks with Mobile App to Revamp Customer Service

Everything is simple: you have customers and need a great customer support solution. Support managers may juggle emails and social media chats and try to feed the knowledge base until they miss an important email or negative feedback. Clients may fly off the handle or just leave a bad review and choose one of your competitors. In other words, your customer service is doomed without a help desk with mobile app support.

Challenging questions and dissatisfied clients are ordinary things in customer support. Thus, there is a kind of bridge between your brand and customers’ feedback out there. It is help desk software that supports managing pressing issues via emails, tweets, chats, tickets, and more in a single customer center. You can delegate messages to the right teammate and ensure that every client gets help. Apart from creating a knowledge base with helpful tips or answers, a help desk with a mobile app allows your customer support to fix clients’ requests on the go.

Help Desk: What and Why?

The help desk is the first line of defense against low customer experience. That's because it works quickly and empowers your team with fast and quality problem-resolution options. Still, if the software is correctly selected, your customer service representatives will do their job well, avoiding excessive efforts and waiting.

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Business depends on an ecosystem of products and solutions for daily operations. Happy customers and employees are also vital to business success. The problem comes from thinking that shiny new technology is a common solution to any problem.

Fortunately, dozens of help desks with mobile apps comply with the requirements of either SMBs or large organizations. Also, remember that some solutions are built with social tie-ins, additional security measures, or identity management. These features may be a critical point in choice for one company and an irrelevant option for others.

Significant Capabilities to Look First

Every journey of problem resolution starts with framing. So, let’s define the key features of help desk solutions. Generally, most apps understand business problems and goals to the same extent. Nevertheless, there are six must-have (or preferred to be available) features to look for in a help desk solution.

1. Team inbox

The team inbox simplifies managing emails and helps avoid double-answering the same request. All queries are delivered to a single place, and every team member can access and see all the dialogue. So it is clear what’s going on and who is helping the client at the moment. Plus, you can bring emails from different addresses and reply correspondingly. Last but not least, some apps offer tools to reduce the reply time (keyboard shortcuts, canned replies, and the like).

2. Social support

Social support problems are handled easily and are valuable if something goes wrong on the website. Customers can ask for help or complain online. In other words, you may receive great feedback or a negative review about poor service. A help desk with social media integration delivers the messages immediately to your inbox and ensures that every customer problem won’t go unnoticed.

3. Knowledge base

Knowledge Base exists to support customers and representatives by providing answers to common questions before they are asked. Usually, it also contains technical, price, features, frequent problems, and service information. Support representatives will assist and fix the issue when customers can't find the answer.

4. Live Chat

Some customers still prefer email, but most clients use live chat to get an answer or help faster. Usually, help desk solutions offer it as an extra function - so you just need to add a chat widget on your website. If you can’t enable 24/7 support, the users will have an opportunity to send an email describing the situation or question.

5. Help desk with mobile app

This kind of support is the right way to satisfy customers who want help ASAP. These tools include adding documentation, chat, or email support inside the mobile app. Apart from accessibility, these apps track the users’ devices, what part they are using, and the like. So, instead of asking for more information, your agents will go down to solve the issue from the first reply.

6. API integration

Integration with other business solutions delivers greater tech unity and makes the customers’ requests solving faster and more straightforward. The above features are for communicating data with other apps. It will boost sales performance while improving customer interaction tracking.

4 Help Desks Worth Your Attention

Reduce your time on manual, repetitive work and focus on what’s important. Help desk tools were designed with the customer in mind to address the complaints and deliver the basis for loyalty strengthening. So, check a brief overview of effective help desk solutions.

Note: The app listing is random, and the number on the list doesn’t apply to any particular preference.

#1 LiveAgent

The option focuses on real-time support and helps you to deliver answers to customers on time. All the interactions with clients are chat-like and kept in a single place. LiveAgent shows what customers type in chat so your reps can determine what to answer before the client sends the message. Among many features, there are rules that allow tickets to be assigned to specific support agents or departments. This is a help desk with a mobile app for Android and iOS, integrations, and gamification to motivate the team to achieve higher results.

LiveAgent Tickets

Suitable for a quick overview of interactions with clients.

It supports the team inbox, live chat, knowledge base, social media integration, forum, SLA, analytics, and mobile app.

LiveAgent offers a free account with some limitations. Paid options start at $9 per agent per month.

Trial 14 days.

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#2 Freshdesk

Their built-in SLA policies make support prioritization easier. First, you indicate the channels and user levels that are supposed to be resolved first. Then, Freshdesk marks these tickets as necessary. Even more, the app offers time-triggered and event-triggered automation. But what about complex tickets? They may be split into separate child tickets. So, with Freshdesk, ensure your clients receive answers in the expected format.

Freshdesk Tickets | HDM

Suitable for brands that prioritize SLA support.

Supports team inbox, social integration, chat, forum, mobile app, knowledge base, and analytics.

This solution is free for up to 10 agents. Paid options start at $15 per agent per month.

Trial 14 days.

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#3 HappyFox

Take the vantage of a built-in time tracker to ensure that your customers receive answers quickly. Plus, HappyFox can set the priority level for the tickets. Besides, the advanced reports imply improved analysis and further planning of customer success tactics. This help desk has mobile apps for Android and iOS.

HappyFox tickets

Suitable for you if there is a need to track time spent on ticket resolution.

Supports team inbox, chat, forum, social media integration, mobile support, analytics, and customization.

Subscription starts from $39 user/month ($29 user/month paid yearly). Every plan requires at least five users.

Demo on request.

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#4 Zendesk

With this help desk, you will let customers help themselves. The trick is simple: Zendesk will show a related article from the docs that may give the required answer when a user wants to ask something. If this weren't helpful, this client would send you a message. In addition, this app runs NPS surveys at the end of your messages to rate your support performance, making this a top feature. Zendesk is a help desk with a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

The Zendesk Agent Workspace

Suitable for support on any platform.

Supports team inbox, social media integration, chat, forum, knowledge base, mobile support,

Subscription goes from Support Team plan $25 user/month ($19 user/month billed annually).

Trial (on Professional plan only) 30 days / Demo requires signing up.

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Board It up

Once you have determined what your organization needs to grow, choose a help desk with a mobile app to solve your business goals. There are many solutions, and you must find the most suitable one. To do this, you must try some of them and see how they work on the battlefield. When you find that very app, bring the docs and accounts and make this help desk feel like home.

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