Automatically Migrate From and To Gorgias: New Platform Available

We’re happy to announce that you can migrate from and to Gorgias automatically. Using our service, you can transition such types of records as:

  • Tickets;
  • Agents;
  • Tags;
  • Attachments.

Please, note that Gorgias does not have a built-in knowledge base system. So, if you’re moving from help desk N to Gorgias and you want to keep the knowledge base, you may consider one of the services recommended by the vendor.

We’d be happy to help you export your knowledge base and prepare the file for any external knowledge management system of your choice. Drop us a line to to discuss the details.

How to migrate from/to Gorgias?

You need the following credentials to set up a data transition:

Migrate from/to Gorgias

Follow this guide to learn how to find your API key in Gorgias.

What is Gorgias?

It is an easy-to-use help desk tailored for Shopify merchants. Gorgias provides all essential tools such as auto-responds, macros, tags, internal notes, anti-collision, etc., to manage customer inquiries and moreover, seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce services. For instance, you can pull relevant data from:

  • Shopify: order info, refunds, gift cards;
  • Shipstation and Shippo: delivery status;
  • Stripe: last payments & subscriptions;
  • Paypal: last payments.

Set up a Free Demo Migration

Run a test import to see how our service transitions data from/to Gorgias. We’ll transition 20 Tickets with related records free of charge. Sign up and follow the lead of the Migration Wizard.

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