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Zendesk to Reamaze 2022 Comparison – Help Desk Migration Service

There is a huge debate in the ecommerce help desk industry about which tool is better. Some say it is Zendesk, other fondly site Reamaze, yet, there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner or loser. Both tools deliver phenomenal performance and have features that can completely transform the way we view ecommerce as a whole.

To fill in this tall order, we’ve decided that it is our duty to see which one is the best option for your next big project. We’ll look at both features and looks, as well as reflect on the pricing. So join us as we uncover all the details we’ve managed to get and stack them against each other. Let’s get started!


While Zendesk doesn’t need any introductions it is still worth mentioning that it is one the best customer support tools money can buy. It is custom-built to suit any organization, this includes the ecommerce sector. It has a ton of different tools and functions that can help you not only gain new customers but provide superior service.

Outside of features, Zendesk offers great customization options. Whether you want to change the appearance of your help center or align the frontend to your branding strategy, Zendesk allows for it. And the best part of all of that is that the system will work just as well in an ecommerce environment, which ultimately leads us to the next point.

Ecommerce Features

Zendesk offers quite a few features that will work wonders in ecommerce. These features are the ability to connect the tool to popular ecommerce platforms, multiple analytic functions, CSAT ratings, and Satisfaction Prediction to name a few. Let’s dive deep into each. A small note though, there are more ecommerce functions but listing and detailing them all is a pretty tall order so bear with us.

Integration Module

One of the main benefits of Zendesk is its ability to connect to just about anything on the market. Whether it’s Shopify, Amazon or other ecommerce platforms, Zendesk has zero issues hooking its services for you to maximize output. And in case you need even more flexibility, the company offers an API that you can use. It is well-documented and is available on almost all plans.

Zendesk Marketplace

A part of apps from Zendesk Marketplace.

Analytic Functions.

Knowing what’s going on in the industry will not only allow you to assess issues at hand but see what opportunities are available. After all, with good and accurate data in hand, making leaps of fate is easier as you will at least know where things will backfire meaning you can prepare for them. Besides, couple this feature with the previous one and suddenly you are operating on a larger scale. Zendesk in this regard is superb as you don’t have to rely on third-party apps to get data.

reporting dashboard in zendesk explore

In Zendesk Explore you can overview the main metrics on the support tickets and much more. Source: Zendesk

Satisfaction Prediction

First off, this system, as the name implies, will help you predict what your customers like the most. It does this through an AI-powered system that helps you gather data about your install base during their conversations with the staff. What this helps you to do is to avoid poor outcomes before the end of the conversation. The system uses historical data, as well as keywords to determine whether the customer is satisfied or not. With this on board, improving customer support doesn’t seem like a massive undertaking anymore.

Satisfaction prediction in Zendesk

Satisfaction prediction indicates the possible level of customer satisfaction rate at the end of the conversation and shows it next to the ticket topic. Source: Zendesk

CSAT Ratings

While many of you will consider this feature as somewhat negligible, it really isn’t the case. CSAT ratings allow you to learn what your customers think about your service and products in a very clever manner. The system will automatically pop a small but noticeable window where the customer will be asked he like the interaction or not. Once enough data is gathered, a report for both, long-term and short-term happiness will be compiled. This will give you valuable insights as to what your customers like, as well as what makes them come back to your store.

CSAT ratings in Zendesk

This is an example of the window a customer will receive after the ticket was solved. Source: Zendesk

Usability & Design

Moving on, and we have the design section. It goes without saying, a tool is good when you can use it effectively. And to use a tool effectively, it must have a good design. Zendesk is no stranger to clever UI and UX decisions. They mix style and performance to deliver a fast and efficient machine.

Just like all popular help desk solutions, Zendesk has a left sidebar where you can access all chats, visitors, analytics, and settings. On the top right side, you have the context-aware search system and the profile icon. The main body of the page is dynamic (as you would expect) and has all sorts of windows, dashboards, and whatnot. Doing customer support on it is fairly easy and does not require a lot of maneuvering, and the speed of everything is good.


And the last thing that we want to discuss is pricing. In the case of Zendesk, the tool isn’t exactly cheap but you at least know what you are getting for the asking price. Taking the Professional plan, for instance, you get a huge selection of features, including but not limited to, Email & social channels, Integrations, Essentials card, Interaction history, Pre-defined business rules, Dashboards, and reporting (which are enhanced by Zendesk Explore), CSAT surveys, and Multilingual content. For all of this, you have to dish out $49 per agent/month which is a little higher than average but you get a high-quality product.


Alrighty, now that we have Zendesk in our pockets, let’s see what Reamaze has to offer. For those of you unaware, Reamaze was made with agile businesses in mind. This is a customer support tool that can be integrated into your website or application to ease the process of communication. It supports features such as live chats, knowledge base, and even social media management among other things.

Ecommerce Features

While Reamaze is a customer service software it has a specific set of functions designed to help ecommerce business owners gain traction. And these features are Live View of Visitors, Muti-Brand System, Peek. As usual, let’s take a look at each feature separately to have a better idea as to why they are so beneficial.

Live View of Visitors

As a customer service software, Reamaze has made some pretty amazing features for ecommerce and Live View of Visitors is one of them. What it allows you is to provide customer support by letting you see what part of the site your customers have visited. This will help your agents to avoid repeating information your customers already know which will speed up things.

Live view of site visitors in Reamaze

Viewing customer's account details, you will also see if he/she is on the website and a list of pages visited. Source: Reamaze

Multi-Brand System

While not now to the help desk (or ecommerce) industry, having the ability to handle multiple brands in one system is pretty efficient. Essentially, you can apply custom text, individual designs, and even separate addresses to each product/service. Another benefit of this system is the fact that analytics are tracked individually, meaning you can keep your hands on the pulse at all times.

Brands management in Reamaze

Creating a new brand in Reamaze. Source: Reamaze


As the name suggests, with this feature, you can communicate with your customers more productively as you will be able to share your screen with them. It works on both PC and Mobile, as long as the required JavaScript is present. With Peek, you can rest assured knowing that the message is there and understood correctly. This will prove invaluable for niche products or services.

Peek feature in Reamaze

Viewing the customer's profile, you can see the button to start sharing your screen with the Peek feature. Source: Reamaze


And the last thing on our list is chatbots. No e-commerce is complete without them. These inhuman things can boost your performance and help you cope with a large influx of customers when you’re short on hands. Reamaze allows you to place bots wherever you like. Whether it is an FAQ page or a product description, you are not limited in this regard. The bots themselves are quite flexible and can be taught to do some pretty intricate stuff.

Order bot in Reamaze

Order bot is one of the chatbots Reamaze offers. You can set up all the responses to customers' queries yourself. Source: Reamaze

Usability & Design

Being a customer service software, Reamaze has a pretty simple but clear UI. There are no fancy animations and everything works blisteringly fast. The layout is pretty similar to what you can find in Zendesk. You also get a left side-bar where you can find your inbox, chats, reports, and articles. Then there’s the top right corner where you can find the profile picture but unlike with Zen, you don’t get the search bar but rather a notification bell which is okay. Overall, it isn’t that much different from Zendesk but it is a bit less intuitive if you compare the two side-by-side. Things like the aforementioned Search bar is dynamic and can disappear in certain menus (like in the Channel settings section).


The company offers three distinct plans but as usual, we’ll just cover the most popular one, which is in this case, also called Professional (we are starting to see a pattern here). For just $40 per agent/month, you get access to Limitless Email Inboxes, Live Chat function, Public/Internal FAQ, Workflow Automation (Macros), Chatbots, Cues (Proactive Messages), Live View of Site Visitors, and Advanced Reporting. A pretty solid collection of good tools and it comes a bit cheaper.


Well, looks like we come to an end with our Zendesk vs Reamaze review. As you can see, both systems are great but if we had to choose one, we’d go with Zendesk. Why? Because you have more room for flexibility and scalability. While it is a bit more expensive, you do get the best. Yet, it all depends on the user. If you feel like Reamaze is your kind of tool, then go for it. The more comfortable you feel yourself the better the performance will be. So just stick with what you like and if you need help to move your data, leave us a message.

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