5 Customer-Centric Copywriting Tips Support Reps Should Use

Modern companies, which create customer-centric content, successfully operate in local and global markets. They easily grab the audience’s attention and effectively increase brand loyalty. Customers respect businesses, which provide them with high-quality, informative and extremely valuable content.

The key to success is to define clients’ needs and preferences and design a personalized solution. If you want to take your content creation to the next level, check the following tips for customer-centric copywriting.

1. Think like a customer

If you want to meet the expectations of your customers, you should know what they think about your product, how they make a buying decision and how they research information online. For this reason, you should conduct a market research and put yourself in your client’s shoes.

Amanda Sparks, a digital marketer at EssaySupply, states:

Every specific target audience is different not only in terms of demographics but also in the ways of thinking and product perception. This is a pretty challenging goal even for an experienced marketer to identify an ideal client. However, you must add this objective to your to-do list, if you want to apply the customer-centric approach effectively.

2. Talk about the customers’ needs

Instead of using phrases like “we can offer” and “our products”, you should write “you will get” and “your needs”. This is the first rule, which you should learn: customer-centric copywriting is all about people, not about your products and services. Put your client first and you will be rewarded with a great interest to your company.

For instance, people don’t want to read about a brand new formula of a dish soap, but they want to learn more information about the benefits, which they can get using this product. In other words, customers don’t really care about the fact that you've substituted PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate with glyceryl palmate. However, they will be happy to know that the updated formula will be friendlier to the skin.

People are selfish by nature, and you should keep that in mind when writing your copy. Dedicate every word to their major wants and needs, and they will choose your product even if competition in your niche is extremely high.

3. Write a story

Storytelling works great for customer-centric copywriting, so feel free to use this technique in practice. Create a personalized story, which will be interesting and familiar to your target audience and make your reader feel like a protagonist.

You can write a fascinating copy about your product, brand, company or even testimonials. Sylvia Giltner, content manager at ResumesCentre, recommends:

“Feel free to use your wild imagination to come up with original content ideas. Place an image of your ideal customer in a center of a plot – and you will be able to invisibly manipulate target audience’s opinion about your company.”

4. Evaluate feedback

In the information age, it’s not that hard to collect customers’ feedback. There are a lot of online platforms, where people express their honest opinions about the product and services, which they tried or tested. You should monitor the worldwide web to find the reviews and analyze them thoroughly.

Positive and negative comments are both important because they help to develop a better content strategy. Let’s say you have a plenty of positive and negative feedback at your sight. Here's how you can use this information for customer-centric copywriting.

First of all, you should use positive feedback as a core message of your new content. Now you know on which product’s features and strengths you should make an emphasis in order to attract the attention of the large target audience or upsell the product.

Secondly, use negative feedback as an opportunity. Other than detecting areas that need improvement, you can also discover common problems that customers face and teach how to deal with them through blogs, self-service articles, video tutorials, etc. Thus, increasing the number of satisfied customers.

5. Choose the most suitable writing style

You should create content, which will be 100% understandable for your clients. Your target audience and you should speak the same language: you have to choose the appropriate wording, the tone of voice and communication style (formal or informal).

Once again, you should put yourself in your customer’s shoes in order to understand what kind of text will work great in this concrete situation. If you write content for Millennials, feel free to use slang words and add some humor to your text. However, if you're talking to a baby boomer, you should choose a formal writing style and more serious tone of voice.

James Daily, writer, and editor at FlashEssay, explains:

Even if you create content for professionals, you should know the level of their background knowledge. Don’t overuse rarely used words and scientific terms, if you are not sure that your audience is familiar with them.

In conclusion

Customer-centric copywriting is a great tool, which any company can use to improve brand loyalty and boost sales in areas other marketing. The point is that the more precisely you analyze your audience, the better the content you create. Try your best to understand the preferences and behavior of your clients in order to write texts, which will bring optimal results.

This blog post was contributed by:

Christopher Mercer is a freelance content writer and founder of Citatior, a citation generator for students and education professionals. Feel free to reach out to Chris via LinkedIn.

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