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Company: Red Digital Cinema
Industry: Digital cinematography
Location: Irvine, California
Type of migration: CSV to Zendesk
The challenge: The company needed to migrate their data from the previous ticketing system as a CSV file to Zendesk.
The solution: Automated data migration
The result: RED Digital Cinema succeed to compile and move the CSV file correctly and preserving the data structure. They started using their Zendesk account afterward.

I couldn't be happier with the support I received, the ease of use with the tool, and the results of the final product.

Brad Harris
Brad Harris Senior Manager and Global Product Support

Overall, how was your experience migrating data with us?

Overall, it was great! I was supported all the way through the process, even when I was simply trying it out, through all of our false-starts, and even the evening that we pushed the button to migrate.

I couldn't be happier with the support I received, the ease of use with the tool, and the results of the final product.

RED Digital Cinema is a leading manufacturer of professional digital cameras and accessories. The company was founded by Jim Jannard and in 2006 started a revolution producing their first affordable 4K camera. Now, their digital equipment and accessories are used while producing the most famous movies, TV series, magazine covers, and many more.

What challenge or problem has Help Desk Migration solved for you?

I needed to find a tool that could migrate ~3,000 customers and ~7,000 tickets with comments from a previous CRM/Ticketing system into our existing Zendesk instance.

The previous system was obscure enough that it didn't have any sort of out-of-the-box way to migrate, so we considered using our internal Web Development team to utilize the API of Zendesk to import the data from a CSV.

We found that the time it would take from our Web team to do a custom job would be far too expensive, especially pulling them from other jobs. The Help Desk Migration tool only required one person (myself) to clean up the data and map the fields.

The ease of use and price point made it an obvious choice for our company!

Why did you need historical data on the new platform?

We needed to be able to have a complete picture of a returning customer's previous support history, data that would have been totally lost if we couldn't migrate it over to another system.

Why should someone consider using an automatic data migration tool?

Your Web team will thank you for not taking up their time. Your company will thank you for finding a way to do it with very little personnel and financial impact. You will thank yourself for the time you saved and the peace of mind you will have knowing that all of your data was maintained and that you don't have to start all over!

Share 2-3 tips for those who also want to migrate data

Garbage in, garbage out. Make sure the data you have from the previous help center is clean. If not, you'll need to spend a good amount of time cleaning it up before migration.

Migrate at a time that your current help center is at its calmest. Inbound tickets and comments can make the process much trickier.

Take the time to do it right.

Do you have any additional comments or feedback for us?

Just a big THANK YOU!

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