Merging Intercom Workspaces for Estateguru OU

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Company: Estateguru OU
Industry: Financial Services
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Type of migration: Intercom to Intercom
The challenge: Estateguru OU wanted to migrate from one workspace to another within Intercom.
The solution: Automated migration of knowledge base and contacts with their custom fields.
The result: The company migrated their data to another Intercom workspace.

The migration was a breeze, with an extremely proactive and responsive support team available mostly throughout the day.

About the company

Estateguru is a leading Pan-European marketplace for SMEs seeking property-backed loans and investors looking for curated opportunities. Founded in 2014, they connected different service providers, SMEs, and investors while providing a unique, seamless, cross-border digital service.

Today, Estateguru has facilitated over 3,100 loans, exceeding €500 million. Over 100,000 investors from 109 countries have enjoyed an average return of 11.24%. The company currently supports property loans in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and Finland, with more markets on the horizon.

Could you tell us a little about what your company does and how you meet your customers' needs and expectations? We'd love to hear your story!

We are a crowdfunding marketplace that provides mortgage-backed real estate investment opportunities to investors.

We're always interested in hearing about real-life experiences using our tools. Could you share your thoughts on the Help Desk Migration service?

The migration was a breeze, with an extremely proactive and responsive support team available mostly throughout the day.

What challenge were you hoping to overcome through the migration process?

Migrate our existing data from one workspace to the other within Intercom.

What specific historical data were you looking to preserve during the transfer?

Customer data.

Why should someone consider using an automated data migration tool?

It helps save time, freeing up development resources when a standard solution like Helpdesk is available in the market.

We're curious – how did you discover Help Desk Migration?

We were recommended by Intercom to try Help Desk Migration (editor’s notes).

Have you explored other methods for migrating data? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

We did not since we were pressed on time.

Do you have any advice for companies considering a data transfer to a different help desk platform? We're all ears!

I might come back to Help Desk Migration (editor’s notes) in the future if required.

Help Desk Migration

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