Kayako vs Freshdesk: Putting Support Service at Scale

Those, who are turning around in the business circles for some time, won’t be surprised with the statement: “Now customers are running the business, and choose the way they want to be served and helped.” So, many companies are changing the pace of creation and innovation within their teams and looking for new software. Kayako vs Freshdesk: both helpdesk solutions may be a useful ally in the field, yet each app has strong and weak sides, as well as different features.

What should a perfect helpdesk app be? The opinions may vary, yet there is one thing in common - it should meet your business's requirements. Additionally, such aspects as ease of use, ease of setup, and quality of support play a vital role in making the choice. Without further ado, let's run a crisp and simple comparison of Kayako vs Freshdesk and find out which helpdesk meets your requirements better.

The way to work

Let’s start with the platforms offered by these reviewed vendors. With Kayako, your team can handle customer requests using web-based version, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps. In its turn, Freshdesk lacks only Windows Phone app - what may be not a big problem.

Who is a typical user

Both helpdesk solutions may facilitate the routine of freelancers, small and midsize business support managers, as well as the support agents of enterprises will find them efficient. Freshdesk also was chosen by the nonprofit and public administration.

A matter of price

Comparing the subscriptions of Kayako vs Freshdesk, you get a free trial and a number of plans with different features available. However, Freshdesk supplies its customers with a freemium subscription (email channel, basic phone and social channel, knowledge base, and access to app gallery) while Kayako offers only free subscription for 3 members (with live chat and email, basic help center, and integrations with Zapier.)

Ticket and case management

Regarding tickets and other issues management both solution supply you with the workflow, response automation, and SLA management. Yet, the setting of each function in Freshdesk and Kayako vary.

Sharing knowledge

Modern customers not only appreciate the useful content but rather expect it as a service from businesses. This area is covered by the compared solutions quite well. You provide your clients with the knowledge base, searchable articles, community forums, pop-up chat, notifications, and targeted emails. Still, Kayako vs Freshdesk has different features. So, in Kayako, you get in-app messaging but lack interactive FAQs and forums offered in Freshdesk.

Ways to interact

Once we talk about the interaction, the support service solutions come with web portals, tickets and tagging, and, of course, live chat. To complete this list, Freshdesk also supports a forum for response option.

Everyday internal use

The vivid toolset is impressive from the first sight, however, the way your team copes with The rich toolset is impressive from the first sight. However, the way your team copes with the system interface on a daily basis takes a high point during the selection of a new helpdesk app. So, Kayako vs Freshdesk enables the customization, knowledge base, team inbox, customer profiles with slight differences in the settings and usage (what is quite expected). Nevertheless, if your team requires conversation archiving and lead development options than Kayako will be more helpful while Freshdesk lacks these functions.

Communication channels at hand

The following aspects are covered by both of compared apps:

  • customer portal
  • email to case
  • chat/live support
  • social integration

Call center

Another essential part of the useful support service running is the call center. With Freshdesk and Kayako your team will make, receive, and record calls, take advantage of fast search in the customer and contact database, as well as use call scripting and interactive voice response.

Reporting and analytics

The effectiveness of the app’s opportunities is vital, and the monitoring and reporting are also on the list of must-have capabilities of the helpdesk. Such options as social monitoring, reporting, and dashboards are available either in Kayako and Freshdesk.

Running a platform

Businesses are run around nearly 24/7, and mobile user support, steadiness of performance and reliability bother many business owners who care about the high quality of their service. Kayako vs Freshdesk offers ITIL compliance, customization, internationalization, and user, role, and access management. Besides, integration APIs allows you to build the connection with your other systems and enhance business flow.

Board it up

Each helpdesk app offers valuable and required options, yet Kayako vs Freshdesk vary in some capabilities, pricing, and managing operations due to their UIs. Somebody may find Kayako easier to setup, and others will say that their experience with Freshdesk is much better. The point is you should define what functionality you need, what costs are you ready to spend on the helpdesk, and then run a demo of suitable solutions. That way you may see how the vividly described feature really works - this approach will help you to come up with the decision wisely.

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