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Here are Some of the Better Help Desks for Small Business

There’s a common misconception that only massive corporations require business help desk software. And to some degree, this is understandable as huge companies have to deal with a lot of different things at the same time. Having a proper tool that will automate, bridge, or outright solve the problem is beneficial. However, there are tools that are built for small businesses as well.

In fact, over the past 5 years, the number of small business help desk tools have skyrocketed. And for good reasons too. With the introduction of the internet, many small organizations opt to employ people from afar as it not only gets the job done but a viable cost-saving measure. Clearly, there are positions that require the person to be present at all time but roles that involve mostly Internet work do not need to be constantly there.

Enter help desk software for small business. Similar to its bigger counterpart, these small scale tools contain a ton of features that help employees and business owners tackle a number of complex assignments. Also, as a note, these small tools are small not due to them being lightweight but due to them being tailored for smaller organizations. Now that this is out of the way, here’s a list of some of the most popular small business applications.

Hubspot Service Hub

If there’s one company that knows how to work with small businesses, its Hubspot. Their Service Hub solution is one of the most robust tools we’ve ever seen. From proper customer support to high-quality updates, this business help desk software is simply great.

Featuring a set of standard tools such as educational resources, help documentation, and training programs this help desk software for small business was made with users in mind. Indeed, users can access all this information from anywhere. It’s not tied to a specific location or device.

Another cool thing about this business help desk software is that it comes in two variants. As you’ve might have guessed, Hubspot offers a free and paid versions of the tool. The difference between the two is minimal but there are a few cool features that are available to both plans. Give this one a try, it’s pretty great.


Similar to our previous entry, Freshdesk needs no introduction. The company has been dishing out high-quality software tools for decades and this time it’s no different. Their help desk software for small business features everything you might ever need. From managing tickets to advanced analytics, it’ a perfect piece of software for small business.

Among the wide range of functions this tool has, the multichannel helpdesk is perhaps the best. It allows you to synchronize information between a number of resources and compile it into an easy-to-read dashboard. Also, you can customize this dashboard to your liking as you can move, remove, or outright delete anything you want from it.

Another key advantage this tool has over the competition is its scalability potential. You can start using their free option and as soon as you see that you need more tools and features, just pick the desired subscription plan and presto, everything enables immediately. Also, as part of their policy, you have 21-day free trial. You aren’t risking anything, so we suggest you give this small business help desk a ride.


Another pioneer when it comes to service desks, Zendesk also offers a small business help desk solutions. Their software for small business is very similar to their core product as it also offers an intuitive user interface, responsive design, and a ton of nice features that will help you streamline your business operations.

Among the most prominent feature of this small business help desk tool is its ability to pair with practically anything you like. Be it traditional emails or SMS notifications, it can synchronize with everything. Another interesting feature that sets this software for small business is the number of self-serving options.

Zendesk offers many tariff plans and a seamless refund system. The premium plan has a few extra features that don't belong to the free version but you won’t go wrong if decide to try it out. It basically has everything you might ever need and some more.

Zoho Desk

This service desk was basically built for small businesses. Agents are able to increase productivity, customers can get a timely response in the access channel, and managers can track data on performance. You can set up the whole system the way you see fit, as well as automate a plethora of mundane tasks so that your team can focus on more important things.

Yet, what sets this software for small business apart is that it can output a wide range of metrics. Indeed, it can track performance, burnout rates, and even potential sickness. This will help you plan everything in advance, as well as develop creative strategies that will push your business to new heights.

Last but not least, out of all business applications we’ve seen, this one is unique as it offers Zia. For those of you unaware, Zia is a context-driven, advanced AI system that can handle a huge range of issues. Since it bases on machine learning technology, it can easily adapt to any business model or workflow. The only downside to this product is that it’s a premium feature and it’s still being worked on. But if you feel like this will help you, we suggest you give it a shot.


One of the newer help desk software for small business, Kayako is a help desk system that aims to provide a higher rate of case resolution metric. It is cloud-based and does not require additional install as everything can be done in your browser. While convenient in nature, this software for small business fits advanced users first and foremost.

Although, in spite of everything, the company is trying to improve its user interface and recently added a few quality-of-life features such as a live chat. If you’ve been looking for a unified help desk small business software tool, then this just might be the best option.

It does not require any kind of installation and you don’t have to be afraid that something might go wrong and you lose all your data as it’s cloud-based. Lastly, this tool has an ever-expanding knowledge base and can easily integrate with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Help Scout

And the last on our help desk software for small business list is Help Scout. The creators made it with freelancers and small businesses in mind and the functionality kinda proves this. You get everything from ticket management to coordinating multiple departments, it’s a robust tool that is easy to navigate.

Speaking of navigation, the system is able to aggregate data from multiple sources for reading convenience. Essentially, if configured correctly, you can draw all kind of information from social media, analytics platforms, and surveys into a live document. Another helpful feature of this platform is that you can employ a chatbot that will help customers with their problems and questions.

The platform is constantly evolving and presents new features almost on a monthly basis. You also have access to a number of Docs sites, multiple mailboxes, and unlimited users. If you're still hesitant, don’t have to take our word for it, grab their 15-day trial and see for yourself.

More to Come

While there are many more platforms for small businesses, we feel these are the best. Each of them offers a standard set of features and a few platform specific. They aren’t that expensive and they get updated constantly. If by any chance you need more help, or maybe you don’t know what will work with your business, leave us a message. We can help!

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