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How to check the result of Demo Migration in Freshdesk?

Once your trial migration to Freshdesk is complete, you will see this summary with a "View 20 records" button.

Freshdesk demo review

Click it and you will see a list of all tickets that were migrated to Freshdesk.

Check Fredshdesk demo result

Every ID is linked to the corresponding Ticket in your source help desk and Freshdesk. Using this list you can easily go through all the migrate data and check it's correct. We highly recommend checking all 20 Tickets to see if the data migrated properly. Once you've reassured that the Demo Migration was successful, initiate the Full Data Migration.

Note that you don't need to manually delete tickets from Freshdesk before starting the Full Migration. Our service will automatically remove them.

If you have trouble checking the results, research our FAQ section or reach out to our support team.

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