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How Can End-users Access a Portal in Freshdesk After the Data Migration

Even though it's not that complicated, accessing a portal after the data import to Freshdesk is a pitfall for many. Thus, we decided to cover the process in detail to help you out. We hope that this guide will make things clear for you.

Upon the transfer to Freshdesk, agents need to accept the activation email. The latter will only appear if the ‘User Activation Email’ button was turned on.

turning on user activation email in freshdesk

If you did enable the button, after the data migration, end-users will receive the activation email where they can just click on the activation link. That will open an ‘Activate your account’ landing, where they’ll have to provide their full name and make up a password. That’s all it takes to be active and log in to your account.

activation email freshdesk

After that, click on your profile icon and hit the 'Go to customer portal' button.

customer portal freshdesk

The user will be redirected to the portal page immediately.

customer portal in freshdesk

Having completed all the previous steps, end-user in Freshdesk can:

  • View tickets
  • Search for tickets
  • Create tickets
  • Update certain fields in tickets
  • Comment on tickets
  • View forums, categories, and topics
  • Search topics
  • Write topics
  • View articles, forums, and sections
  • Search articles

If something wasn’t clear enough, or you’d like to get into more details, feel free to contact our support team for help.

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