Exporting Knowledge Base Articles from HubSpot Service Hub Made Simple

We are happy to announce that recently we’ve added new functionality to our Migration Wizard. Not so long ago, HubSpot Knowledge Base was a distant dream for users looking for an automated export. However, Help Desk Migration is now capable of moving your knowledge base articles, folders, and categories to a new help desk, service desk or CSV in a few steps!

So, in case you were waiting for the first HubSpot Knowledge Base export solution, here it is! But first, let’s take a look at the peculiarities of such a migration process.

What to expect from HubSpot knowledge base export?

At the moment, Help Desk Migration offers a data migration from HubSpot Knowledge Base with these peculiarities:

1. It is possible to export only Published and Public articles. Those articles with Draft status aren’t possible to migrate due to HubSpot API limitations.
2. During the demo migration preview, the count of Categories and Folders will always be equal to 1.

HubSpot export demo preview

Also, to answer the large number of questions from our customers exporting their data from HubSpot, we also can compile a CSV file with knowledge base articles (and/or tickets) for you. Just use the same pattern for the data migration setup, as described below.

Test the migration yourself

The setup process of the knowledge base migration is the same as with any other platform. The very first step is to connect your HubSpot account and authorize the access for the HDM service.

Connecting hubspot to migration wizard

Then, pick the target help desk (or a CSV file format) to move your data to and also provide the necessary credentials to access the target system.

Connecting Zendesk as a future platform

On the mapping stage, select the knowledge base objects and map the record fields according to your needs.

HubSpot to Zendesk mapping

The demo migration process will take up to 15 minutes and will show how 20 random articles from your Knowledge Base migrated. The demo migration is free and available to restart as many times as you need. So, make sure to try it out!

Feedback is welcome!

Anyway, if you have any additional questions on your HubSpot knowledge base data export, or want to add custom requirements for the migration, feel free to leave our support team a message. See you again soon!

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