Export Gmail Emails to a Help Desk: New Feature from Help Desk Migration

From now on, Help Desk Migration offers automatic export of Gmail emails to any help desk supported by the Migration Wizard!

You simply can’t provide timely and high-quality customer service using a free email service. Gmail is a great option when you’re just starting. However, handling heavy flows of requests via email without letting something fall through the cracks is impossible.

So, recently we’ve made an option to migrate data from Gmail available in our Migration Wizard. Those willing to upgrade their customer service and facilitate business growth can export their emails from Gmail right into the help desk.

Peculiarities of Migration from Gmail

Because the types and organization of records in Gmail are different from one in a help desk, there are some peculiarities of the data migration and its appearance in the new environment. This is how Gmail emails migrate to a help desk

  • Emails become Tickets
  • Recipients and senders become Contacts
  • Account owner becomes an Agent
  • Attachments in emails migrate as Ticket Attachments
  • Email replies migrate as Public Notes
  • Inline Images migrate as Attachments
  • Labels become Tags

Now let’s take a closer look at how certain records migrate.

1. Tickets
Gmail has this thing called quoted text. All this text and its attachments are put in ticket replies, no matter if there were indeed a reply available to a ticket or not.

2. Contacts
Keep in mind, that the number of Contacts will be the same as the number of Tickets in Migration Wizard list, even if in fact there are fewer.

3. Agents
All tickets in the help desk will be assigned to the account owner in Gmail.

4. Inline Images.
In case some emails have images pasted directly into the text, our service will migrate them as attachments.

5. Time and date of ticket creation.
Note that the time and date of ticket creation in specified in a future platform can differ from the time of letter creation on Gmail. This happens because of the API settings and cannot be managed by our automated migration tool.

What the service won’t export

The Help Desk Migration Service cannot export:

  • Organizations
  • Groups
  • Private Notes
  • Knowledge Base Article
  • Custom Fields

Simply because these types of records are not existent in Gmail.

How HTML formatting in letters migrates to a help desk

Your inbox most likely contains some marketing or other emails which have HTML in them. The appearance of those emails in a help desk will be different. That’s because not all help desks allow migrating HTML content via API.

For example, there’s what HTML content looks like in Gmail:

Try to migrate your data from Gmail to a help desk

And here's what it will look like in Kayako:

Export your data from Gmail to a new help desk platform

Therefore, we recommend cleaning up the inbox before setting up the migration.

See everything for yourself

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In case of any additional questions about the migration, check our Knowledge Base or contact us!

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