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Company: Ozonics LLC
Location: USA, Iowa
Type of migration: to Zendesk
Challenge: The client neded to migrate data from a soon-to-be-retired help desk to Zendesk.
Solution: Automatic migration of all customer service data.
Result: The client successfully migrated from to Zendesk. Because Zendesk was already configured, the client started working with the new tool right away.

The migration went as planned, we have not found any issues in the transferred data.

Stacey Hippen
Stacey Hippen Director of Operations at Ozonics LLC

Could you tell a bit about your company and about yourself?

I am the Director of Operations for Ozonics LLC. I’m responsible for the daily operations including: Manufacturing, Distribution, Quality, Engineering and IT.

Founded in 2007, Ozonics is the industry leader in active scent control and has the first and only in-the-field ozone generator that has been designed to blanket human scent with scent-destroying ozone. Unlike any other scent control product, Ozonics continuously deals with the scent in your hunting area by using ozone to eliminate, alter and reduce scent molecules making them undetectable by deer and other scent-wary game.

Recently, you used Help Desk Migration service to transfer data from to Zendesk. How did it go? Was the procedure confusing at any point?

The migration went as planned, we have not found any issues in the transferred data. Overall the procedure was very simple to follow if you had some basic understanding of the native and target software.

Why did you decide to migrate data?

Ozonics decided to move from because has been put into end of life. Salesforce is pushing their customers to move from to Service Cloud at an increase in price of time.

What can you advise to people who are also looking for data migration services?

Help Desk Migration made the transfer of data very painless. With Help Desk I was able to preconfigure the Zendesk, run Help Desk overnight and come into a functioning system the next morning.

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