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What Customers Expect from a Help Desk? Connection of Multiple Support Channels

How do help desk vendors run their customer service? Is there any secret thing that helps them to wade through to the outstanding support service? How to crush all your goals? We decided to put a few questions to a Customer Success Manager from LiveAgent, Andrej Saxon.

About what we asked? About the contribution of customer success to business growth, client’s expectations from the support team, requirements to help desk solutions, KPIs and productivity tips.

Let’s learn a bit about what fuels the greatness of the LiveAgent customer success team.

LiveAgent Team

You are a hero of this interview so tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Andrej Saxon and I am working as a Customer Success Manager at LiveAgent. I like to work with people and help them if possible on a daily basis. This type of work is an everyday challenge that can move you forward and usually bring a lot of interesting experiences.

LiveAgent Interview Andrej Saxon

Help Desk Software Strengthens Customer Service

Reputation is a form of stored value companies are literally invested in and used to evolve business growth. Customer service is in a list of contributors. And how does help desk software enhance support team workflow?

Here in LiveAgent, we are trying to act as a team whenever we can since if someone starts with a good thing, it will usually be beneficial for everyone. Starting the good and honest sale, following up with the ongoing support during the onboarding process, till the special services and care for our key customers. We know each other well and like to spend time together not only at the work (office), but we are also friends that are meeting in our personal life.

Expectations from a Help Desk

To be fair, we all suffer from the irrational manipulation of the way we see the world and it isn’t limited to business software. In your opinion, what do customers want or expect from a help desk?

We are trying to offer our customers the solution that we have, with both its pros and cons. Nothing is perfect 🙂 Currently, our customers are mainly looking for a tool that offers the connection of multiple different support channels such as Emails, Chats, Calls, and Social media channels in one place. We are still trying to improve our solution to match the needs of our customers. We are currently working on the WhatsApp integration that is requested by our new and long-time users.

Hacks for a New Help Desk Setting Up

We use products to find solutions to our problems. If a business decides to move the data to another help desk, how to set up a new help desk instance? Can you share a list of life hacks?

We offer multiple different migration bridges that may be helpful for this task. Anyway, for the migration, it is very important to set up a good time frame when to move the data, based on the workload of that particular support team. Also, it is a good time to review the processes and prepare new ones or update existing ones based on the features and functions of the new tool.

Pandemic's Impact on Help Desk

The fact is, you can’t go through a global pandemic and avoid some things changing. Have you noticed any changes in requirements to help desk software since the pandemic? Any insights on how to cope with them would be helpful.

To be honest, not much, but the requirement for screen-sharing or co-browsing was increased. In general, we saw a lot of interest in the move from offline to the online world.

Measuring Success

By mastering customer support, the companies quite often forgot about the KPIs. What are the basic and advanced KPIs the support team should measure?

We believe that the most important KPI is customer satisfaction rating (measures the happiness of your clients over a short period of time) and Response time as well as of course keeping an eye on a churn rate. Plus there definitely have to be some reasonable internal KPIs to measure and evaluate the results of the support agent, ideally a more complex performance rating that should be a combination of ticket volume, complexity, and quality.

Productivity Tips

Can you share a page from your productivity playbook? What is your favorite help desk productivity hack?

I love system-based features such as system shortcuts, predictive text canned responses with the most common answers to the frequently asked questions, or nice phrases. Also the option to see what the customer is typing during the chat before he submits a message is a very nice life hack for everyday life.

Outstanding Customer Experience

We have a set of different roles and we also often take a customer’s hat on. Can you share your experience as a customer who was impressed by customer service?

Based on my experience and that of my colleagues, the best thing is, when you can see that you are treated well as a customer. In other words, you have an access to chat or even speak with the people that have the needed knowledge and understand the situation, problem, or exact case. Based on this you can get the needed information shortly, which increases the customer's satisfaction and positive feedback. We are always trying to provide the best support we can, that makes our customers happy.

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