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How to view all tickets in SherpaDesk after the data migration

In SherpaDesk, you can only filter tickets according to their statuses if you use the standard ticket views available in the system.

Ticket views in SherpaDesk

Thus, only tickets with a certain status will be visible within one page. To view and check all existing tickets in your SherpaDesk, you will have to set up a new filter. This will enable viewing tickets with any status within one page. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the Tickets section.

Tickets menu in SherpaDesk

2. Click on the blue arrow in the top left corner to open the Filter View settings.

SherpaDesk Tickets

3. Scroll down to the Status section and select all the boxes.

Ticket view filters

4. Then, scroll to the very bottom of the sidebar and click Apply Filter.

Apply fiter in SherpaDesk

5. Done! Now, you will be able to see all the tickets that are available in your SherpaDesk within one ticket view.

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