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Company: Contactually
Industry: Computer Software
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Type of migration: to Zendesk
The challenge: Migrate the customer service data to Zendesk, maintaining the structure and integrity.
The outcome: Contactually migrated their data with minimal downtime.

Tell a little bit about Contactually and your role

Contactually is an intelligent CRM company that is focused on serving the real estate market.

I'm the lead analytics person at Contactually and responsible for all things data. We decided to make the move away from since it is being deprecated and we liked Zendesk as a replacement option.

Was the migration process confusing at any point?

The data migration process was relatively straightforward. We were able to migrate everything in about 3 days with minimal downtime. Although we hit 2 main snags.

The first was that the images from our Help Center migration did not properly get ported over to Zendesk so we had to fix them which took about a day's worth of manual work inside of Zendesk.

The other was that, on the night of the migration, we attempted to remove our SSL Certificate from Desk before attempting the migration. This caused an unknown error to be thrown in the migration tool. We reasoned that the SSL Certificate was the cause so once we put it back on Desk, the migration worked.

Why did decide to migrate your customer service data to a new platform?

We wanted all of our historical information in Zendesk as we are constantly using analytics to make our business more efficient and having the support data in one spot makes that effort much simpler.

Andrew Garrett
Andrew Garrett Senior Operations & Analytics Manager at Contactually

Do you have any pieces of advice for those looking to migrate their data to another help desk?

I would advise that they really think through all of the dependencies outside of just the data migration. We had multiple meetings to figure out what needed to happen and in what order. Identifying all of the dependencies really helped the night of the transition to make sure everything went smoothly.

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