When it's the Right Time to Start Using a Help Desk?

Many small business organizations wonder whether they should use a help desk or stick to their usual workarounds. Many companies start off with Gmail, Outlook or other free customer service software. They’re not bad. When you have a small budget and a manageable flow of customers, they are life-savers.

But comes the time when in order to please your customers and stand out of the crowd, you need to opt for an upgrade. If you are wondering when you should start using a help desk, you have come to the right place.

What is a Help Desk?

A help desk is a multi-dimensional resource, carefully designated to help collect and resolve customer inquiries.

Sure, nobody wants problems to come up at all but they will. And if you’ve dedicated help desk support, you will be able to resolve problems easily and quickly. How is that possible? Simply put, a help desk helps organize information, eliminate many manual processes, and streamline workflows.

A help desk is specially focused on end-user functionality and satisfaction, and, hence, is responsible for the swift resolution of issues.

When to Switch to Help Desk Software?

We know businesses which managed to run all of their customer service interactions through email for years. Though a help desk was on their radar, they delayed the switch until the email flow became unmanageable.

In particular, there are three signs that your customer service needs an upgrade.

1. Customer have to wait for too long

If your current system is getting too many support requests to meet your needs, you should consider investing in a help desk system as ticketing is one of the core parts of the service. Many companies find it valuable to use a help desk when they start to see a high volume of issues come. However, you should be proactive.

Also, your help desk solution has to be able to take on a huge number of tickets. It should also distribute them effectively to users and handle various nuanced tasks, such as automating repeatable workflows and prioritizing support requests.

2. You keep getting the same questions

One of the most annoying things that often come with a job in the customer service industry is answering a customer question, only to receive the same question a few minutes later. This is not only super distracting, but it is very inefficient as well.

FAQs are easily one of the best customer support resources you can have, and investing in high-quality help desk software to make your customers’ lives easier is possibly the best thing you can do for your business.

3. Rigid Workflows

In most IT departments, adaptability is increasingly important because organizations are facing several challenges across different fronts brought on by trends, such as cloud computing, increased video use, big data, and widespread mobile device use.

Implementing a help desk system that can make it simpler to adjust workflows on the fly and take advantage of automation, which can do wonders for your business.

Reasons to start using a help desk

Benefits of a Help Desk

1. One Place to Report all Issues

IT helpdesks provide a centralized location to handle technical issues. Employees do not have to constantly wonder if they should call a particular programmer, engineer, or member of the support team. Compare this to the hassle of managing a shared inbox on Gmail or Outlook. With a help desk, people simply dial your IT help desk to deal with complex problems.

2. Improvement in Productivity

In addition to recording complaints, the IT help desk performs complaint management and resolution tasks as well. By making the most of various procedures, like complaint ticketing, help desks effectively manage and direct complaints to suitable resolution centers. This prevents confusion and provides clarity at the workplace while reducing the time required to resolve the problem.

3. Handling a Huge Volume of Calls

You need an effective system in order to keep a tab of all emails, calls, chat requests, and social network queries you receive every day. A great thing about help desk software is that it not just automates various mundane processes, such as receiving emails, calls, or chats and then lining them on case-to-case or FIFO (first-in, first-out) basis, but the system can organize and facilitate multi-tiered customer query handling as well.

4. Customer Satisfaction

A great help desk enhances customer satisfaction if it’s actively responsive, assists users consistently, and goes the extra mile to deliver top-notch technical support service. Help desk software will allow you to respond quickly to customers; thus, creating more confidence in customers.
This lends incredible support to your company’s objectives while facilitating business growth by considerably increasing the number of returning customers.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you invest now or later, help desk software is always an excellent way to help increase productivity. And whether you're ready to start using a help desk or want to move to a new one, we can help you. Just set up a Free Demo Migration and see where it takes you!

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