Need a Way to Export Your Lansweeper Database? Here’s How

The Help Desk Migration team is happy to let you know that you can now migrate your data from Lansweeper via the Migration Wizard tool. Our developers have done their best to create the possibility of an effortless, secure, and fast transfer of your records from Lansweeper to a new platform of your choice. Keep reading this article for more details.

What is Lansweeper

Lansweeper is an IT asset management software that tracks hardware, software, and user information for management, compliance, and audit purposes. Moreover, it encompasses a ticket-based help desk system.

Lansweeper helps its clients to find all hardware and software in their network. Also, it assists them in making smart use of their IT asset inventory. Furthermore, Lansweeper allows its clients to analyze and report on valuable insights.

In simple words, Lansweeper is an advanced help desk system with numerous features that help companies to manage, track, and work with their data.

What entities can be transferred from Lansweeper

Since the Help Desk Migration service is capable of migrating a wide range of data from and to different supported platforms, Lansweeper is not an exclusion. Here is the list of entities that can be transferred from Lansweeper to another platform of your choice:

  • Tickets
  • Contacts
  • Agents
  • Groups
  • Attachments
  • Public and private notes
  • Custom fields
  • Created at and updated at dates
  • Knowledge base articles and attachments

As you can see, the list of data that we can migrate from Lansweeper to a new help desk is pretty extensive and contains the core entities that you might need. Just in case you have any specific wishes concerning the transferring process, drop us a line and discuss a possibility of a customized migration so that we will look deeper into your case and try our best to help you out.

How data migration works

Now you know what entities can be transferred from Lansweeper to a new platform with the assistance of our Help Desk Migration service.

So, it is the right time to learn how data migration works. Check the following guide on how to set up the transferring process:

1. Go to the Migration Wizard page and start a new data migration.

2. Select Lansweeper as a source platform you would like to migrate from.

Migrate from Lansweeper Screenshot

Note: In order to connect Lansweeper to Migration Wizard, you would need to upload a ZIP-file with the backup of your Lansweeper database.

3. Choose a target platform you would like to migrate to and type in all the necessary credentials, such as URL or API Key. Without them, the migration process is not possible.

Migrate to Freshservice Screenshot

4. Select the type of data you would like to export from your Lansweeper.

Lansweeper Select Objects Screenshot

5. Map the fields and make sure that the records from Lansweeper will migrate to the corresponding fields on a new platform.

Lansweeper to Freshservice Mapping Screenshot

6. Start the demo migration. Once it is complete, carefully check whether the entities got transferred accordingly. You can use our detailed guide on how to check the result of the Free Demo Migration.

Lansweeper Demo Is Complete

Note: Go to the next step only if you are satisfied with the outcome of the demo migration. In case anything migrated not the way you wanted, contact us immediately.

7. Proceed to payment and initiate the Full Data Migration to get all the necessary records transferred from Lansweeper.

That’s it! Enjoy using your new platform!

Let’s migrate your records!

Now you know what entities you can transfer from Lansweeper to a new platform of your choice and how you can do it with the Help Desk Migration service. Just in case you have any additional questions, feel free to drop us a line and start the demo migration.

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