Use Help Desk Migration to Export Emails from Zoho Mail

Help Desk Migration updates the functionality of its Migration Wizard yet again, enabling Zoho Mail export.

So, you've been using your Zoho Mail instance for a while and then realized its core functionality doesn't suit your current workflow needs anymore. Then, you decided to change to a new system or just export emails from Zoho Mail to a text file format. There's where the issues of data migration emerge.

True, Zoho Mail offers its own and free tool to export emails from Zoho Mail. However, the EML file format that it offers is not that universal. And if you're planning to migrate to a new system, there's a high chance that it won't be supported by the help desk you'd like to move the emails to.

That's why we've developed a method for exporting emails and contacts from Zoho Mail directly to a help desk system of your choice. Or you can export your Zoho Mail data to a CSV format that the majority of systems support. It's up to you.

Now, let's see how the Migration Wizard can perform Zoho Mail complete export.

What can you export from Zoho Mail?

Everything! Yes, you've got it right. Using our automated Migration Wizard, you can perform the complete Zoho Mail export in a few simple steps. All your Emails and Users, and Contacts are possible to export from Zoho Mail to a CSV file or directly to your new help or service desk. However, in the latter case, you should remember that the names for the classification of your entities can differ depending on the target help desk platform. The most likely result that you'll get is that:

  • Emails will become Tickets;
  • Users will become Agents;
  • and Contacts will become Customers.

Your data structure will be the same, but you should know how exactly the entities are called in the target system to find the required information faster and easier.

Keep in mind that to export contacts from Zoho Mail (and export Users), they have to be linked to the Emails you are transferring.

Now, on to how to export emails from Zoho Mail using Migration Wizard from Help Desk Migration.

How to export Zoho Mail with HDM?

The process of data export with Migration Wizard is straightforward and clear. That's precisely why we called it a Wizard.

To set up a new data migration, you have to sign up on our website first. Use your email or one of the available social networks.

Next, pick the source platform (in your case, it's Zoho Mail), click Continue and authorize Help Desk Migration to provide access to your account and reach the necessary data for transfer.

Zoho Mail Export

Also, select the target system (the one you need to move data to) and grant us the necessary access credentials. If you want to export emails from Zoho Mail to a CSV file, select it from the available options and click Continue.

The next step is picking the records to export from Zoho Mail. During this step, you also get to map ticket fields values and match users. On Zoho Mail, there is only one user - the owner of the account. However, you may choose who should get assigned to tickets on the target help desk.

Zoho Mail Data Export

Zoho Mail Export: Data Mapping

Press Continue, and the Migration Wizard will perform a Demo Migration, usually taking up to 5 minutes. The tool will transfer 20 random emails with the related data from your Zoho Mail account to the target. That's for you to see how the process works and check if everything migrated correctly. If the outcome satisfies you, proceed to the Full Data Migration.

Zoho Mail Demo Migration

That's it! As soon as the migration is over, you can start using your new help desk system.

See how it works for yourself!

Try the demo migration and check the result to see how it works with your own eyes. It's a no-commitment process. Although, we're sure that the speed and quality of the result will convince you to choose Help Desk Migration for your Zoho Mail export. For now, we're done with the announcements. And if you have some questions or special requirements for your data migration, make sure to give us a call or leave us a message.

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