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Effortless Self-Service Migration for Lenovo Private Cloud Solution

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Company: Lenovo (Private Cloud Solution)
Industry: Information Technology & Services
Location: Beijing, China
The challenge: The client was looking for a solution to quickly migrate a significant amount of data between Zendesk instances.
The result: The client opted for a self-service migration, and successfully moved tickets between help desk instances over a short period of time.

About the company

Lenovo is a Fortune Global 500 company, which employs around 57,000 employees and operates in 180 markets around the world. Lenovo designs, engineers and builds a wide variety of smart devices, as well as leads an Intelligent Transformation which aims to create better experiences and opportunities for millions of customers around the world.

Author’s note: the Help Desk Migration service migrated data for one of the divisions located in Bucharest, Romania.

I appreciated the constant follow up that I received from the Account Managers at Help Desk Migration service.

Ionut Birzu
Ionut Birzu Operations Manager for Lenovo Private Cloud Solution

How would you describe your experience using the Help Desk Migration service?

The overall experience was excellent. I appreciated the constant follow up that I received from the Account Managers at Help Desk Migration service.

What problem were you looking to solve?

We needed in a quick period of time to migrate a large amount of tickets from a partner's Zendesk instance to Lenovo.

Why is historical data important for your company?

We needed data for future references.

Why should someone consider using an automatic data migration tool?

It’s very fast and simple.

Tips and comments from Ionut Birzu

The service offered by the Help Desk Migration manager is so simple that I cannot think of any tips:) Keep up the good work.

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