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Will migrated tickets keep their ID numbers?

No, they won't. All migrated tickets will have new IDs.

Each help desk has its own way of assigning ticket IDs. For instance, Zendesk IDs have five digits in them while Help Scout IDs have four. Our tool must adhere to the settings of the target help desk in order to migrate your data.

However, there is a way to keep the IDs from your source platform for future reference:

    1. Go to your target help desk and create a custom text field.
    2. When you get to ticket field mapping, click the drop-down menu and find the ID option. Map the custom “Id” field with your custom text field.

Help Desk migration field mapping

Note: If you don't see the Id option, then there's a high chance that the custom field in the target help desk is not a text field. Therefore the Migration Wizard is pulling up different options.

  1. Click Save mapping and continue your migration.

If you can't find the ID field, leave us a message. Our support team will help solve your issue.

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