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Using Dropbox to Import a CSV file

If you have your data compiled in a CSV file and want to migrate them using our service, you’ll have to use Dropbox to upload them into the system.

CSV files in Migration Wizard

Our tool will ask for 3 separate files: for your Tickets, Comments, and Knowledge Base. You’ll have to manage these files compliant to the format in our Sample CSV files. You can learn how to make a CSV file correctly in this guide.

If you don’t own a Dropbox account, you’ll have to sign up first (it’s free). To do this, you have to provide your First Name, Last Name, Email, and create a password. Or, you can simply sign up with your existing Google account (if you have one).

Dropbox login page

As soon as you are logged in, you’ll have to upload your prepared CSV files into your Dropbox profile. To do so, click on the Upload files button and choose the needed files from your computer.

Create new file in Dropbox

You can also try loading and setting up the migration with our sample CSV files so that you know how the process goes on.

CSV files samples

Now, you are ready to load the files into our migration tool. Click on the necessary field to add your Tickets CSV file.

How to upload a CSV file

You will see the pop-up window after you click the button. Now, just select the corresponding CSV file and click Choose. Do the same for your Comments and Knowledge Base CSV files (if you need to migrate them).

Choosing files from Dropbox

Now, your files are loaded to our tool and you can go on with your migration by clicking the Continue button.

Prepared CSV files

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