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Limitations of Zendesk to Freshdesk Migration

Here’s a summary of what Help Desk Migration is not capable of importing to Freshdesk:

  • if the size of the attachment per note/reply or a solution article is greater than 15MB, then none of the attachments will be migrated;
  • spam tickets on Zendesk;
  • channel configurations, Macros, Triggers, Email notifications, Canned responses and Integration configurations;
  • tags in contacts or tickets that are longer than 32 characters will be trimmed;
  • deleted contacts on Zendesk and the tickets associated with them;
  • article Comments on Zendesk;
  • unsupported languages (if multilingual support is enabled in Zendesk);
  • if multilingual support is enabled in Zendesk, only the primary language will be imported. We will not be able to bring in all articles into Freshdesk in this version;
  • we do not support reporting metrics for tickets exported from Zendesk. We recommend documenting your Zendesk reporting numbers to avoid any issues with the old data and use Freshdesk reporting for all your new tickets.

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