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How to search tickets in ConnectWise Manage

Locating all tickets in ConnectWise right after the migration can be quite a task. Unlike other similar platforms, it doesn’t store all tickets on the Service Board. So, new users can spend ages looking for closed or resolved tickets. We decided to break down this process in steps, for you to easily access all tickets.

1. Go to 'Service Desk' → 'Service Ticket Search'.

To visualise the first step

2. You will be redirected to ‘Service ticket search’ page. Select ‘Service ticket’ option in 'Ticket type' field. Click at the ‘Search’ button above to see the results.

To show the landing page

3. All tickets, including closed and resolved, will appear.

To show the results of search

4. Switch between the pages to view all tickets.

To show how to switch between pages

If you still have any questions left, feel free to contact our team.

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