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How to generate your ConnectWise Client ID

To set up the migration from or to ConnectWise you need to provide the Client ID. It is a unique identifier which is required for API integrations. Since our tool uses API to migrate data, this information is required to make the migration possible.

In order to generate your Client ID, follow this link https://developer.connectwise.com/ClientID and sign in using the credentials provided by ConnectWise when you registered your account.

Step 1. Sign in.

Step 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create new integration:
Generating Client ID in ConnectWise

Step 3. Set all parameters. Give the integration a name and a short description. Set the integration to Private and specify your ConnectWise email in the Technical Contact Email field:

Client ID form
Public integration means that multiple companies can use it. For instance, if you posted an app on the marketplace, it would need to be a public integration. Private integration is for hooking up ConnectWise to a specific service.

Step 4. Submit the form.

Step 5. Copy your Client ID and paste it into the corresponding field of the Migration Wizard.

Generated Client ID in ConnectWise

Step 6. Continue your migration.

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