How to Check the Result of Demo Migration in ConnectWise

Once the Demo is complete, the Migration Wizard will show you a table, summarizing the general number of transitioned records along with downloadable reports. With their help, you’ll get to see the exact entities that were transferred during the trial transfer.

how to check the results of demo migration to connectwise

The best thing is that you get a CSV report on every type of record selected on a previous stage. We insist that you download each and inspect everything thoroughly as it’s essential for the end result.

The ticket report will look like this:

tickets report demo results connectwise

During the migration to ConnectWise, it’s especially important to take the time and check if all the migrated comments correspond to authors accordingly, as well as, if Custom Fields, Customers, Companies, and Attachments migrated correctly.

Only if everything looks good, proceed with Full Data Migration.

Note that the tickets migrated during the demo will be removed automatically, so you won’t have any duplicate tickets when the migration ends.

You’ll get the opportunity to download alike reports after the Full Data Migration. Repeat the thorough inspection once again to make sure everything is in place and the way you wanted it to. After that, you can enjoy ConnectWise to the fullest.

If you have trouble locating the tickets or any questions arise, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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