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How do I export contacts from Outlook 2007 to CSV?

To export contacts from Outlook 2007 to CSV follow these steps:

1) In Outlook 2007, cliсk on File>Import and Export:

outlook export

2) Select Import to a file and click Next:

outlook file import

3) Choose Comma Separated Value and click Next:

outlook exporting to a file

4) Choose the contacts folder you need to export:

outlook export to a file

5) Then choose the destination for your file. Click Browse to specify the destination and once done, click Next:

outlook saving exported file

6) Next, name the file and click OK:

my exported contacts outlook

7) Click the Finish button to start the export. The Import and Export Wizard does not display any prompt when the export is done. However, the progress bar will disappear once the file is ready. You can then go to the folder you specified earlier and open the file in Excel.

export progress outlook

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