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How does Help Desk Migration move Agents?

During the migration, our service maintains all relationships and migrates Agents with their respective tickets, attachments, comments, etc.

There is one important thing you have to keep in mind before starting the migration. The number of licenses in your target help desk should match the number of agents you’re migrating.

Here’s a quick example:

You’re moving from Intercom to Zendesk, and you have five agents registered in your account. However, you purchased only three Zendesk licenses.

By default, Help Desk Migration will transfer three agents individually, maintaining the relationship with their respective records. The other two will be automatically assigned to you or the person initiating the migration.

You can leave it at it is, or before starting the migration, re-assign the tickets to appropriate managers and delete the agents you don’t need in your target help desk.

Also, note that Freshservice does not allow to migrate Agents automatically. More info in this article.

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