How to Get Intercom API access token

In the past, you needed an Intercom API access token to connect your platform with a third-party app like Help Desk Migration service. However, Intercom does not support API tokens anymore. Instead, you need to use open Authorization (OAuth).

On April 6, 2018, Help Desk Migration implemented this authorization protocol to make sure that your experience is seamless and secure. You can learn more on our blog post.

How to create a Personal Access Token

In case you still require a Personal Access Token for your private integrations and apps, we’ll tell you how you can find it.

Intercom provides a separate Access Token when you create an app on your workspace. So, first of all, to get the Access token, you have to create an app in your workspace in Developer Hub:

1. Log into your account in the Intercom Developer Hub and go to Your apps section.

Intercom Developer Hub

2. Click on New App button.

Creating new app in Intercom

3. Name your app, select the workspace to add it to, and pick the Internal integration option. Then click on Create app.

Creating new app

4. Now that your app is created, click on the app to open its info section.

How to view the app info

5. Select Configure and then Authentication.

How to find the API in Intercom

6. You will see your Private Access Token under the name of the Workspace you added your app to. Now, you will be able to copy it and go on with your data migration.

Intercom API

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